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Surname List for Jackson County, Texas
Who's Searching Whom

This is an old page that I received when the website was transferred to me.  It was, I believe, started and maintained by Kay Bradley when she was the county coordinator for Jackson.  This list is old and probably quite out-dated as far as email addresses are concerned.  In my spare time, I try to locate these old researchers on message boards in order to update the email addresses. 

Some researchers who have posted their surnames on the message board are markednew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes).


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A ADAMS     Ralph Denton
Up ANDREWS new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  ANDREWS     Barbara Thomas
  ANDREWS     Wanda Qualls
  ARMSTRONG     Bob McBride
  ASHLEY     Jackie Ashley Pace
B BAILEY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Jennifer Bailey
Up BAIRD new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  BAKER new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Lee Ann Wheat
  BARFIELD     Jackie Ashley Pace
  BARFIELD new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Sara McGee
  BARRON     B Barron
  BECKHAMnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Sherry Condon
  BLACKBURN new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Ray
  BLACKWELLnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     SAMUELJOE
  BOLLING     Linda Matthews
  BONHAM new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  BONHAM     R A Bonham Jr
  BOYDSTUNnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)   more... Jule
  BRACKENRIDGE   more... Bill Matthews
  BRINLEY/BRENLEY     Betty Jacobs
  BRONAUGH     Machelle Bronaugh
  BROOKSnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     SAMUELJOE
  BROUGHTONnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Joann Martin Fink
  BROWN new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Andy Erdelt
  BRYANT     Jack L. Cameron
C CHEATHAM     John W. Hawley
Up CLANTON     Wanda Qualls
  CLEDE     Emile William Clede III
  COLEMAN     Jamie Quiroga
  COLLINS new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  COLLINS     Robin Reed
  CORNELIUS new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)   more... Madeline
  CORNELIUS     Jim Porter
  COTTLE     Aurale Huff
  COVARRUBIASnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     I Loranzo
  CRAIN new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Chris Orth
  CRAIN new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Paul Adams
  CROSSLAND new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Chris Orth
  CULPEPPER new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  CURLEE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Debbie Boudar
  CURLEE     Allen Kendrick
D DANSEY     Jack L. Cameron
Up DEAVIS     k tate
  DODD     Wanda Qualls
  DORRIS     Jackie Ashley Pace
  DRYSDALE     Emile William Clede III
  DUNCAN new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes) 1898-1910   K. Mathews
  DUSTIN     Emile William Clede III
E EARL     Jackie Ashley Pace
Up ELLIS     Machelle Bronaugh
  ELLIOTTnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Bob Sanders
  EMMONS new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     William G. Kishbaugh
  EWERS new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Diane Curry
F FAY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes) 1890+ Edna
Up FLOURNOY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  FORD     Charles A. Ford
  FOSTERnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Bob Sanders
  FOSTER     Ken Mitchell (need new email address)
G GAINER new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Andy Erdelt
  GAINER new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)   more... Mark B. McGill (need new/corrected email address)
Up GARRETT new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Paul Adams
  GARRETT     Bob McBride
  GARRETT     Jackie Ashley Pace
  GARRETT     Bill Matthews
  GEORGE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Paul Adams
  GEORGE     Charles A. Ford - email no longer valid
  GISLER 1866-1880   Betty Sewell
  GRAYSON     Gil Betts
  GRIMES     Gil Betts
  GUIDRY     Bob McBride
H HAMMENnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes) 1920s+ more... Sharon Tomas
Up HARTSFIELD     Hartsfield
  HAMMENnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes) 1920s+   Sharon Tomas
  HAYDEL     Jack L. Cameron
  HAYESnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)   more... Ruth A. McVey
  HAYNES new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Sara McGee
  HENSLEY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Chris Orth
  HENSON new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Jennifer Bailey
  HILL     Ralph Denton
  HILLMAN     Carla Hillman Ratcliff
  HINESnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)
  HURLEY     Linda Matthews
  HUTSON     Paddy Waloven
  HYDE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Deani
I ISAACKS     k tate
J JAMES     May Thompson Yoss
Up JASCHKE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)


more... Stephanie Jaschke Harvey
  JOHNSSON     Joyce Farruggia
  JORDANnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)   more... Cynthia Etheredge
K KAY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
Up KEIZERnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Joann Martin Fink
  KIRK     Jack L. Cameron
  KNOPP new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
L LAUGHTER new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
Up LOTT     Charles A. Ford
M MANKEY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Andy Erdelt
Up MARTINnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Joann Martin Fink
  MARTIN     Joe Nunally
  MATTHEWS   more... Bill Matthews
  MAY     Genevieve Vollentine
  McDONALD     Paddy Waloven
  McNEELAN new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Chris Orth
  MENEFEE     Ralph Denton
  MILBY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  MILBY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Debbie Boudar
  MILBY     Gina Shutt
  MILLS     Aurale Huff
  MORGANnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)   more... Ruth A. McVey
  MOORE     Reg H. Pitts
N NELON     Robin Novo
Up NEELY     Robin Reed
  NEWTON     Robin Reed
  NUNALLY     Joe Nunally
P PARR     Wanda Qualls
Up PEARCE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Dave Ramage
  PEARCE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Audry Beaty
  PIERCE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Dave Ramage
  PHILLIPS new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Debbie Boudar
  POLLARD new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  PUMPHREY     Bill Matthews
R RICKS     Sharon Dolifka
Up RICKS     Jackie Ashley Pace
  ROBINSON new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes) 1920-1930s more... Laurie
  ROBINSON     Robin Reed
  ROBERTSONnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)   more... Cynthia Etheredge
  ROGERS new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
S SALINASnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     I Loranzo
Up SAMPLES     May Thompson Yoss
  SANDERSnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Bob Sanders
  SAPP new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)   more... Diane Curry
  SEMBERA     Sharon Sembera
  SITTERLIE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Stephanie Jaschke Harvey
  SHEPPARD new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Debbie Boudar
  SHUPE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Diane Curry
  SIMONS new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Diane Curry
  SLATER new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Chris Orth
  SLATER new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Paul Adams
  SLOAN     June Sloan Barnes
  SMITH     Gil Betts
  SMITH     Machelle Bronaugh
  SMITH     Jackie Ashley Pace
  SORRELS     Sharon Dolifka
  SPARKS new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Paul Adams
  SPARKS     k tate
  SUTHERLAND     Ralph Denton
T THRELKELD new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Chris Orth
Up THOMPSON     May Thompson Yoss
  TREVINOnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     I Loranzo
V VALENTINE/VOLLENTINE     Genevieve Vollentine
Up VESS     Charles Soderman
  VOLKMER new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Stephanie Jaschke Harvey
W WADE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Deani
Up WARDnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     David Winward
  WHITE     June Sloan Barnes
  WHITLEY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  WHITTINGTON new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  WILBORN/WILBURN     John W. Hawley
  WILCOX     Carla Hillman Ratcliff
  WILDY new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Andy Erdelt
  WILKERSON new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Walt & Sue (Howard) Wilkerson
  WILLIAMS     Wanda Qualls
  WILLIAMS     Aurale Huff
  WILLS     Machelle Bronaugh
  WILSON new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Ray
  WINGFIELD     Jim Porter
  WINGFIELD     May Thompson Yoss
  WINGFIELD     Betty Jacobs
  WINKLAREK     Sharon Sembera
  WISEMAN new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Andy Erdelt
  WITTE new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Stephanie Jaschke Harvey
Y YOUNG new1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     Diane Curry
Z ZERTUCHEnew1-ani.gif (11099 bytes)     I Loranzo


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