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Peniel School Spring of 1916
The 2nd photo is the back of the photo with hand-written names of the individuals

Submitted by Marjean Mitchell

Woodmen of the World at the funeral of W. Z. Hollon in 1907.
The 2nd photo shows the identified people in the photo.

Submitted by Cary W. Hall

Martin D. Hart. Attorney in Hunt county during the 1800's. He fought for Texas independence with his father, Captain John Hart. Martin was hung in Fort Smith during the civil war. His brother, Hardin Hart, was a judge in Greenville at one point.

Submitted by Rodney Kilgore, grt-grt grandson of Martin D. Hart,

School in Commerce TX - year unknown
Names on the back are: Myrtle, Sylvia, Nora, Clastle, Emily, Ella Mae, David, Cory, Ola, Berniece and Evelyn.
If you can provide any information about this photo please contact me

Submitted by Teresa Stewart Sitz

Unknown Baby Photo
Do you know who this child is? Or have information on the time period Shull Photographers was in business?
If so, please contact me

Submitted by Marca Lee Murray

George Washington Wilkins
16 Mar 1824 - 22 May 1874
Citizen of the Republic of Texas
George W. Wilkins was a native of Georgia. George and his family lived in Hunt County, Texas

Submitted by Brenda Bulin Hammons

Melvina (Jackson) Wilkins
30 October 1830 - 1 June 1909
wife of George W. Wilkins

Submitted by Brenda Bulin Hammons

Samuel Hawker and his children Grace and Roy
Samuel, wife Louise and infant daughter are buried in Celeste (Hogeye) Cemetery, Celeste, Hunt County, Texas. Grace was married first to Charles "Bud" Scott and second to Wayland Myers. She is buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Wolfe City

Submitted by Gewn Coleman

Roy and Grace Hawker
children of Samuel and Louise Hawker
Grace was born 31 Oct 1899 in Jefferson Co., Il, married first to Bud Scott, second to Wayland Myers, died 26 May in Malakoff Nursing Home Henderson Co, Tx and buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Wolfe City, TX
Roy was born 3 Aug 1901 in Texas, died 16 Oct 1907, buried in Dix, Illinois.

Submitted by Gewn Coleman

William (Will) David Bevers, his wife Nancy Emma (Speed) Bevers and their oldest child, Minnie Annie Bevers, who was born in 1896.
taken in Commerce, TX in 1896/1897

Submitted by Ronnie Adkins
(grandson of Minnie Annie Bevers)

Standing- Jessie Michael Milton, Holding Tressie Milton, Ellis Milton, Mary Milton, Betty Unknown and her husband George W. Milton.
Sitting - Elizabeth Capell Milton, Anderson Baylis Milton and wife Francis Annie Jones Milton, Della Milton Kuhn and her husband Walter Kuhn and their baby John M. Kuhn

Submitted by Ida French

Elijah & Nancy Hathaway

Submitted by Nancy Lovejoy

William H. & Sarah Jones Bradford (late 1800's)

Submitted by Richard Bradford

1. Hunt County Grand Jury - March Term 1913
taken by F. E. Howse, dated 05/02/1913 Greenville, Texas.
The men are numbered 1 - 21 and they are:
1. J A Howard 2. Geo B Dugan 3. T.W. Thompson 4. J W Manning 5. John Rowsey 6. C A Bickley 7. Roy Harrington 8 W A Williams 9. Harve Hulsey 10.Frank Burnett 11. J B Marion 12. W Nat Arnold 13. W H Cathey 14. Wm Pierson (Dst Judge) 15. J E Spoonemore 16. L L Bowman 17. Dave Harrell 18. Robt Gray 19. M D Abernathy 20. Lee Davis 21 Gilbert Shipp

Submitted by: Becky Byms

Class of 1903-1904 - Graduated in 1915
Wolfe City Elementary School
1. Laura Pye (Rye) 2. Ruth Sumner 3. 4. Era Reynolds 5. Joy Pye (Rye) 6. can't read 7. Pearl Hanes(Hanus) 8. Luke 9. (?) Reynolds 10. Ross England 11. (?) Clevinger 15. Laurah H Harrell

Submitted by: Becky Byms

Class of 1915 - 50 Year Reunion
Laura Hayden Harrell Davidson is the fourth lady on the right

Submitted by: Becky Byms

Wolfe City
year taken unknown

Submitted by: Margo Tilton

Spencer and Anna Cathcart Moser
photo by W.H. Adams Studio - Greenville, TX

Submitted by: Victoria Bates

Moser Family Gathering

Submitted by: Victoria Bates

Isham Moser
on the farm in the Greenville area

Submitted by: Victoria Bates

Woodrow Wilson Moser (Army) and Preston Coburn Moser (Navy)
Near the end of WWII - 1945
at the family farm in the Greenville area

Submitted by: Victoria Bates

Celeste Telephone Operators: Lestie Chaney & Elzada Gibson

Submitted by: Sarah Swindell

Main Street, Celeste TX - 1915

Submitted by: Sarah Swindell

Grace Presbyterian Church w/Rev. W.E. Graham
Greenville TX

Submitted by: Lois Graham Moran

Rev. W.E. Graham

Submitted by: Lois Graham Moran

W.E. and Sarah "Sally" Luna Graham

Submitted by: Lois Graham Moran

"Hall Boys"
Given names unknown.
Please contact the county coordinator if you can identify this family.

Submitted by: Christie Wyman

Scarborough - Hickson family reunion, August 12, 1951

This photo is large due to the number of people in it; it is very clear when enlarged, with names printed on the bottom referencing #'s on the photo.

Submitted by: Albert Scarborough

Family of James Henry Beggs and Julia Ann Smith Beggs

Front Row: John Benjamin Beggs b. 17 Oct. 1896 d.25 Jan. 1929 m. Prude Sweat 1909
James Henry Beggs seated and Julia Ann Smith Beggs seated.

Back Row: Leslie Eugene Beggs b. 19 July 1883 d. 12 Apr. 1909 m. Carrie B. Clemons
James Milton Beggs b. 7 Feb. 1874 d. 21 Dec. 1947 m. Mary Duncan 1903
Irving Holman Beggs b. 11 Nov. 1889 d. 17 Sept. 1931 m. Ala Chapman 1917
Albert Alonzo Beggs b. 1 Apr.1880 d 30 Sept. 1961 m. Susan Pippin 1899
Lula Magnolia Beggs b. 21 Dec.1876 d.1943 m. Willie Austin Pollard 1899
Thomas Henry Beggs b. 6 June 1887 d.16 Oct. 1980 m. Mrs. Otha R. England
Irene Lee Beggs b. 16 Dec. 1892 d. 13 Dec. 1920 m. Charlie Gilmore
Not pictured is Martha Ann Beggs b. 22 Mar. 1871 d. 28 Aug.1876

Submitted by: Leslie Leon Beggs, grandson of John Benjamin

Rev. George L. Tipps and wife Sophrona A. Western Tipps. Both born in Tennessee. George b 1844 in Winchester TN. Sophrona b 1862 in Decatur County TN. George & Sophrona are one of Hunt County's Honorable Mention First Families (vol 2, 1982). George fought in the Civil War as a Confederate soldier, was wounded in action, and was a Superannuated Methodist Circuit Minister having served throughout East Texas. Upon retiring he & his wife made their home in Campbell where they lived until their deaths; he in 1930, she in 1939. Both are buried in Brigham Cemetery.

Submitted by Melanie Whitney

This is a picture of a group of soldiers from World War One. At least 4 are from Hunt County. My great uncle Jackson Massey is in the front on the stool. After the war he went to East Texas State in Commerce and was principal at A. L. Day elementary school for about 30 years. He died on the steps of the school in 1953. . On the back of the picture, which is cut off the last three letters of the man on the left is ..ler from Fairlie, the next two are from Wolf City, last name I think is ....ne and then .....mrow. (My first guess was Sumrow since there are people by that name from Celeste I believe, the next is ...nompson from Dawson and Suggs from Clarksville. I know nothing about these men except what is on the picture. Jack Massey did go over seas and fought for a short time against the Germans.

Submitted by Martey Massey

Home of Professor C. C. Perrin in Celeste, taken before 1918 . The Perrin home was built c1887 and burned down in the 1950s. C.C. Perrin and his wife, Ella Braly Perrin, are in the picture and he died early 1918. Professor Perrin started the Perrin School (the first school in Celeste) around 1887. C. C. Perrin was the son of Isaac Newton Perrin.

Photo shared by Henry C. Sims, Jr.
Submitted by Mary Jackson

Sarah E. (Dunn) and Oliver Jackson Christy.
These appear to be their wedding pictures, taken about 1868.
They are very large formal portraits in ornate, oval-shaped frames.

Submitted by David Christy chrswauk7443@att.net

Oliver Jackson Christy, Confederate soldier, taken about 1862

Submitted by David Christy chrswauk7443@att.net

Jim Christy, Texas Ranger, taken about 1894, at Regency, San Saba County, Texas.
(note he has his hand on a pistol tucked into his belt).
Son of Oliver Jackson and Sarah E. Christy

Submitted by David Christy chrswauk7443@att.net

Brittania and Andrew Milam - 1881

Submitted by Rick White

Samuel White and family - 1894
The 6 year old boy in the photo is Robert Lafayette White.
He settled in Hunt County in 1909 when he married Amanda R. Milam.

Submitted by Rick White

Andrew and Brettania Milam - 1910

Submitted by Rick White

Robert L. and Amanda White with their oldest 3 children - 1914

Submitted by Rick White

Milams and Masseys
1870 Picnic at Clinton, Hunt County, TX

Submitted by Rick White

Lee Street, Downtown Greenville c1900

Submitted by John B. Patterson

Robert Thomas Patterson (with light bow) born near Lone Oak. 08/30/1903-03/003/1987. He later became a physician in Houston after graduating from Baylor Medical School. Others in the photo are unknown.

Submitted by John B. Patterson

5 Generations - early 1900's
Left to right: Teresa McBride, Sarah McBride Patterson, Teresa Patterson Butler, Robert Butler (Teresa's son) and his twin daughters Ava and Eva Butler.
Teresa was a charter member of the Lone Oak Baptist Church. She passed away in 1913 at the age of 93

Submitted by John B. Patterson

Diane Colbert has submitted another wonderful Adams Studio shot.  If you cah help identify the young lady in this photo, please contact Diane.

Adams Studio Image 
Submitted by Diane Colbert. This image is of her family members taken in the W.F. Adams studio in Greenville, Texas.
They are members of the White family, possibly William and Ida (Hindman) White.  If you have information that can help Diane identify the folks in this photo please email her, or if you have information about the W.H. Adams Studio, please email me.

Central Christian Church located on Wesley Street in Greenville, this Gothic Revival structure was built in the early part of this century on land donated by Mrs. Virginia King, wife of wealthy local banker Tom King who died some years earlier.  King also donated the largest window visible in this photo, which is of the ascension of Christ in to Heaven. 

Other Images 

This image is of the Greenville Cotton Compress around 1912.  The compress in Greenville set a world's record in 1912 for the most cotton bales pressed in one day (2,073) which still stands today.  the building still stands on Lee Street in Greenville.  Though its mammoth presses are still intact, the building is now a storage facility. 
Look for... 
Audie Murphy 
Monty Stratton 
The Hunt County Courthouse 
and other Hunt County Landmarks 

If you have a photo of your family home or a building, landmark, or event in Hunt County that you would like to share, contact me and we will work out the details.

Shirley Cullum , Hunt County Coordinator

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