Hunt - Frazier

A.W. Hunt and Mary Frazier-Sept.16, 1899; B.C. Rix, J.P.
This is Mary Frazier, daughter of Ira and Nellie Frazier. 


1900 United States Federal Census/Texas/Howard/Unknown Township/Enum. District 97/Stamped Page 283/Sheet 13A/Enum Date:  14 June 1900
41 235 245 FRASIER, Ira maybe Eq or E Head W M Feb 1850 50 MI 21 KY KY VA Car Repair 1 - Y Y Y R - H
42     FRASIER, Nellie ? Wife W F Dec 1853 46 MI 21/5/5 KY KY KY       Y Y Y      
43     FRASIER, George E. Son W M Feb 1885 15 S   TX KY KY At School 3   Y Y Y      
44     FRASIER, Ira F. Son W M Dec 1886 13 S   TX KY KY At School 3   Y Y Y      
45     FRASIER, Leathy E or C Dau W F Sept 1889 10 S   TX KY KY At School 8   Y Y Y      
46     FRASIER, Frank D. Son W M Sept 1893 6 S   TX KY KY                  
47     HUNT, Albert W. Son in Law W M Nov 1873 27 MI 0 TX GA MO Day Laborer 6 - N N Y      
49     HUNT, Mary   W F June 1880 19 MI 0/0/0 TX KY KY       Y Y Y      
50     EAST, Mary E. Sister W F Dec 1870 28 or 29 WD -/1/1 KY KY         Y Y Y      
51     EAST, Ruby F. Neice W F Dec 1894   S   OK IA KY                  


1910 United States Federal Census > Texas > Callahan > Baird > District 9/Stamped Page 147/Sheet 1A

38 8 8 HUNT, Albert W. Head M W 33 MI 11 MO MO MO English Laborer Odd Jobs Wage N O Y Y O F H  
39     HUNT, Mary Wife F W 30 MI 11/5/3 TX KY KY English None         Y Y        
40     HUNT, Ruby Dau F W 7 S   TX MO TX English None                    
41     HUNT, Willie Son M W 3 S   TX MO TX English None       Y Y Y        
42     HUNT, Joe Son M W 11mos S   TX MO TX English None                    
They are living next door to Nellie and her family in dwelling 7 in 1910.


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