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Texas Family Group Sheet Project


Howard County Submissions to the

 Texas Family Group Sheet Project


Family Group Spouse

Birth/Death Dates

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Ayers, William Benton Dessie Bell Byrom 1886-1961 File
Barr, James Taylor Missouri Ann Catherine Weldon 1850-1883 File
Bennett, J. Townsend Towns America Elizabeth Hancock 1847-1903 File
Bonds, John B. Bee O. Burnett 1890-1950 File

Cline, Wiley Oliver

Roma Lavada McNew 1888-1979 File

Corley, T. (Thomas?)

Augusta Lavurne Fortune Unknown File
Daily, Stephen Paul Martha Emma Scholz 1875-1942 File
Deason, Earnest Linwood Frances Gertrude Stutesman 1873-1954 File

Drennan, Shadrick D.

Mary Polly Minerva Hill 1814- Unknown File

Fortune, Hiram H.

Anna McDowell 1829-1888 File
Fortune, Hiram H. Sarah or Sallie (unknown) 1829-1888 File

Fortune, John Augustus  Sr.

America Higgins 1798-1864 File

Fortune, John Augustus Jr.

Yolanda McAlpin 1832-Unknown File
Hicks, Thomas Benjamin Mattie M. Wood 1873-1956 File
Klaus, Ervin A. Johnnie M. Clark 1913-1972 File
Madewell, Walter Reuben Juanita Cline 1918-1980 File
McNew, Joseph Tillman Eliza Boruff 1866-1943 File
Newman, Cleveland Eunice M. Barnett 1883-1946 File
Reid, John Earl Jr. Velma Ruth Mays 1904-Unk File
Rice, Ernest E. Era Fay Wright Unknown - 1977 File
Rogers, Carroll Wesley Madie Williams 1910-1998 File
Santellan, Cipriano Juana Melendez 1888 - Unknown File

Schumate, Clyde Maxwell

Una Vione Fortune Unknown File
Sergent, William Wade Living 1927-1991 File
Thornton, Jesse Toombs Dorothy Lucille Harris 1907-1963 File
Walker, Joel Marion Jessie Emaline Hinshaw 1851-1946 File
Young, Stephen Noble Elizabeth Jefferies Bowles 1880-1953 File


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