Hill County Texas Births 1850 - 1855

Hill County Texas Births

1850 - 1855

James Harris Able
Born: 15 Oct 1850
Father: Harrison Able
Mother: Morgan Wernell

Mary Jane Anderson
Born: 6 Mar 1850
Father: S L Wright
Mother: Prudence Mathews

Tom Barker
Born: 1854

George W Bragg
Born: 9 Jul 1855
Father: Tom Bragg
Mother: Frankie Harris

Orra Jane Burnett
Born: 23 Feb 1853
Father: Wilson Hutchinson

Jeff Carson
Born: 14 Nov 1850
Father: Anthony Carson
Mother: Morah Dickes

Carolina Virginia Cogdell
Born: 20 Feb 1855
Father: James Jackson Gathings
Mother: Martha Wall Covington

Naunil Dunn
Born: 16 Apr 1855
Father: J E Billinglou
Mother: Killie An Rosco

James Edward Dyer
Born: 23 Dec 1852
Father: Wiley Dyer

Lish Estes
Born: 5 Jan 1854

Sarah Jane Fails
Born: 22 Nov 1854
Father: James Black
Mother: Sarah Russell

William Horace Finney
Born: 15 Jan 1854
Father: Addison Finney
Mother: Jones

Rachel E Gideon
Born: 14 Feb 1855
Father: Rachel E Gideon
Mother: Rachel E Bailey

Luella Gilbert
Born: 23 Jun 1852
Father: Dennis Campell
Mother: Wilson

Melissa Goree
Born: 19 Jun 1854
Father: Wm C Young
Mother: Mary Hayes

Sarah Anne Grizzle
Born: 9 Sep 1851
Father: Boyles
Mother: Cook

Lourza Catherine Hardin
Born: 7 Mar 1855
Father: William King
Mother: Mary Raton

R B Harris
Born: 5 Jun 1854
Father: Hayes
Mother: Matilda Hammonds

Clave Worth Hickey
Born: 20 Nov 1855
Father: G L Hickey
Mother: Elizabeth Hickey

Mary Ann Holt
Born: 11 Jan 1853
Father: Harrison Ables
Mother: Mary A Wornell

Pedro Jackson
Born: 1854
Father: Charlie Jackson

Mattie Jobe
Born: 1854
Father: W J Penelton

Wm L Jones
Born: 1853
Father: Hardy Jones

James Haley King
Born: 13 Jan 1853
Father: J H King
Mother: Charety Lindsey

H Labeff
Born: 15 Jan 1854

Nannie G Livingston
Born: 24 Dec 1855
Father: John Utzman
Mother: Addie Warnell

Nancy Josephine Logan
Born: 19 Nov 1854
Father: Joseph Hamilton Logan
Mother: Mary Carroll

Allen Lunsford
Born: 11 May 1854
Father: John R Lunsford
Mother: Sallie Harrison

Luddy Isabell McShan
Born: 18 Dec 1854
Father: Tomas Burttan
Mother: Isebell Burttan

Eliza Hill Morrison
Born: 19 Jul 1854
Father: Thomas Hill

John T Nelson
Born: 14 Feb 1854
Father: Richard Nelson

Mary Francis Owens
Born: 1855
Father: Lee
Mother: Mary

E C Prothro
Born: 20 Oct 1854
Father: William Kerr
Mother: Luiza Mitchel

Amanda Rogers
Born: 19 Aug 1852
Father: W C Young
Mother: Mary Hayes Young

Emma S Rodgers
Born: 27 Jul 1855
Father: L Weaver
Mother: Susan Harrison

Henry P Russell
Born: 9 Apr 1854
Father: H P Russell
Mother: Hexey Hearne

John Edwin Scott
Born: 9 Jan 1852
Father: Palestine Scott

George Washington Sevier
Born: 31 Jan 1850
Father: George Wallace Sevier
Mother: Elizabeth Mackey

Winnie Smith
Born: 1851

Fannie Ruth Stone
Born: 10 Dec 1855
Father: Bingerman Simmons
Mother: Mary Rosetta Ward

Angie Belle Vaughn
Born: 4 Jun 1855
Father: John Veale
Mother: Susan Raphel

Nellie Catherine Varnell
Born: 27 Jul 1854
Father: Richard Frazier
Mother: Agnes Clark

Fannie Wadley
Born: 21 May 1855
Mother: Fannie Shelton

Rachael Angeline Wilkins
Born: 6 Dec 1852
Father: D F Kirkpatrick
Mother: Louiza Baskin

Jim W Williams
Born: 9 Dec 1855
Father: Williams

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