Athens Weekly Review Telephone Exchange 1901

Athens Weekly Review

April 5, 1901

Athens Telephone Exchange


Athens Pottery Co., 2 rings 23
Avriett, James, residence 17
Avriett & Merideth, office 104
Adams, S.; H., residence 83
Ash, John F., store 80
Athens Lumber Co., 108
Baptist Parsonage 98
Boyett, S. L. 52
Bruce, W. H. residence 88
Bishop, J. B. residence 106
Baker, Bob, residence 89
Cooper, E. P, residence 43
Cooper, E. P. store 47
Coleman, C. H. residence 33
Coleman, C. H. brick yard 91
Co. and Dist. Clerk offices 22
Carroll, W. T. residence 45
Cotton Belt Depot 60
Cain, S. M. store 51
County Farm 79
Carothers, T. H. residence 112
County Jail 109
Collilns, J. T. residence 103
County Judges offices 16
Deen Hotel 28
Dowell, G. W. residence 64
Dickerson, J. T. residence 75
Drummers' Home 82
Eustace, W. T. residence 38
Eustace & McDonald, office 102
Easterling, Dr. B. residence 31
Faulk, J. J. residence 42
Faulk, W. L. residence 15
Faulk, R. C. residence 78
French, Dr. W. A. residence 61
First National Bank 9
Fields, Claud, residence 3
Fowller, Rev. residence 107
Foster, L. N. residence 55
Garrett, J. H. residence 20
Garrett, J. H. store 62
Gaunt, J. R. residence 89
Gauntt Bros., store 29
Gauntt & Colton store 68
Goldsmith, Julius, store 53
Green, T. B. residence 50
Grahams, Mrs. T. M. store 63
Godwin, Jim, residence (3 rings) 115
Hatch, C. G. store 84
Hawn, C. H. residence 49
Hawn, C. H. Lumber Yard 5
Hodge, Dr. J. C. residence 41
Henderson, Knox, residence 57
Johnson, Dr. C. R. residence 36
Jarrell, W. W. residence 67
Jarrell, W. W. saloon 6
Jones, Paul, residence 111
Kidd, W. M. residence 85
Kidd, W. M. store 105
Larkin, Dr. Percy, residence 27
Southerland's Livery Stable 110
Mayhan, W. A. residence 94
Miller, Carroll & Spencer, Hdw. 21
Matthews, W. M. residence 37
Matthews, T. M. Jr. residence 46
Miller, P. E. residence (3 rings) 23
Matthews, & Looper, store 26
Matthews, T. M. Sr. residence 54
Murchinson, T. F. residence 35
Murchinson, J. W. residence 34
Matthews, & Faulk, office 25
Miller, A. S. residence 24
Merideth, J. T., residence 56
Murchison, D. R. residence 65
Murchison, D. R. store 66
Matthews Bros. store 81
McDonald, J. A. residence 86
Miller & Miller office 73
Murchison & Henry, store 92
Miller, Joe residence 99
Mobley & Bent, restaurant 8
Owens, Chas. residence 116
Osburn, Fred, residence 74
Powers, J. J. residence 44
Powers, J. J. drug store 10
Poyner, D. A. residence 30
Parker, W. E. residence 76
Parker, W. E. Stable 69
Powers, L. A. residence 72
Powers, L. A. store 77
Richardson, K. residence 19
Review, Printers 18
Richardson Bros. store 4
Richardson, & Watkins, office 2
Reierson, Wood & Scott, store 70
Reierson, J. R. residence 71
Rook, M. C. residence 93
Richardson, J. I. residence 96
Richardson, J. I. saloon 95
Royall & Pinkerton, drays 92
Royall, J. M. residence 117
Royall, Billie, residence 113
Sides, Jack, residence (2 rings) 115
Sterman & Green, drug store 12
Spencer, T. B. store 32
Scroggins, Geo. M. 50
T. & N. O. depot 100
T. & N. O. Section House 114
Wofford, W. A. residence 48
Wofford, J. B. residence 11
Wofford, R. P. residence 13
Wofford, Geo. M. residence 40
Wofford, J. I. residence 90
Wofford, J. B. store 7
Walker, S. B. residence 1
Walker, S. B. saloon 58
Warren, B. F. residence 87
Warren Bros. store 97
Yantis, R. E. residence 120


The Board will positively be closed at 9 o'clock each night, except in cases of emergency, such as calls for physicians, etc.

Transcribed by Bunny Freeman

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