Old Letters 1906 to 1939 Henderson Co. TX

I have in my possession six letters along with seven envelopes. Dated from 1906 to 1939. All letters and envelopes came from hotels across the United States.

Bunny Freeman

Hotel Imperial

Absolutely Fire Proof
Broadway & 32nd Street
New York
Robert Stafford
Postmarked New York, N. Y. Sta E
May 17 7:30 PM 1906
Miss Lucille Ferrell
D.D. Walligr *not sure of this name
Columbus, Mississippi

My Dear Miss Lucille:

I received your letter before leaving Balt. and appreciate your invitation to be with you on the ---- of ---- Nordic-. (I hope you may enjoy her) It will be impossible for me to accept. I regret not being able to see you all this spring and --- say that I am growing just a bit homesick since I have become to st--- of remaining here worth a while longer. It may be only for a short while, and again possibly permently. I --- It advisable to do so however much I may desire to return South.

I presume I shall begin practice at Elizabeth U. I was over there yesterday. It is just 30 min. by fast limited --- ---from this city. Is hall? begin in about t--days.

I --- before the Med. State --tal board Monday and Tuesday.

Now be a dear little girl.

Your bro.
813 Hamilton Terrace
I shall return to Baltimore tomarrow.

New Elk Hotel
J. R. Jones, Proprietor
Holly Springs, Mississippi
Addressed to Miss Lucile Ferrell
Ashland Miss
postmarked Holly Springs Miss. May 15 3-30p 1911on the front and on the back is Ashland Miss. May 15 7 PM 1911 REC’D
Holly Springs, Miss., May 22 1911

Dear Sister,

Recd. your letter a few days ago.

There arent any shoes over here that would suit you, if you will wait until about the last of the week I will send you out a pair that I think will suit you alright. Levy (?) has them but hasnt your size, says they will be in about the last of week, I believe you said 4 1/2 will send this size and if they don’t fit you can return them.

Have you be--- if Chaille yet. I am well

Love to all
your ---Seth

“With The Colors”
Postmarked Agricultural College Miss Jun 3 10”30 AM (3 cent stamp) I can’t tell what the date is.
Miss Lucille Ferrell
Ashland Miss.
A & M College

Dear Mamma and Sister,

I received your letters, and the package.
Had second typhoid vacination yesterday it made some pretty sick. Didn’t affect me much only made my arm pretty sore.
A preacher came out from town and held service on campus this morning.
The ladies here will give a reception at the “Y” this afternoon.
Went to a picture show last night and it was good too. The “Y” has a free show here every Saturday night.
Those who do not make good here will go to Camp Pike. Several have been sent there already. I stood written test yesterday and made made a. (typed as written)

Will Close.
with love
c/o Maining Detch.


Hotel KingKade
Oklahoma City. Okla.
Postmarked Dec. 13 11:30 -m 19--
Mrs. Sallie J. Ferrell,
Ashland Miss.
Dec. 12-17 (this is 1917)

My Dear Mother,

I got your letter.
I am leaving in the morning with about 250 other boys from here for Fort Logan, Colorado.
I joined this morning as Clerk in the Aviation Corps, will be in Fort Logan about a month and will be sent from there to Fort Sam Houston San Antonio. Tex.
I noticed in paper a few days ago where had a ten inch snow in Mc’s Tenn. I guess youall got some of it.
You better stay in out of it as much as you can- if your chickens haven’t become to get in out of the snow and cold weather you better get some that have more sense.
I would like to be at home to see Maurys I guess they will send him out soon.
I came up here this morning I have been down about thirty miles from here for about two weeks, last Friday night it got three degrees below zero, and Saturday morning was one below. I had to be out side nearly all day though didn’t get very cold.
We get to Fort Logan Friday morn at 11 o’clock leave at seven in the morning will write to you as soon as I get there.

I am well.
Love to all
Your son

This letter is addressed to Miss Lucile Ferrell, Ashland, Miss.

Deen Hotel
Athens Texas, 10/22/1918

Dear Lucile,

I suppose you have received a telegram I sent yesterday will give you details when I get home Carls death occurred at 4 p. m. Sunday.

Looking for Chaille (?) today.

Stayed with Choppin & wife last night, took Frankie and the boy there they will stay there two or 3 days be fore going out to her mothers.

your bro.,

Robert E. Lee Hotel
Jackson, Miss.
Postmarked Jackson Miss. May 18 9:30 PM 1939

Mrs. M. M. Ferrell
Ashland, Miss.
May 18, 1939.

Dearest Lillie:

The convention opened with about 200 post Masters in attendance.

Gen Farley won’t be on hand because he has to fill an engagement at the fair in San Francisco.

I haven’t seen Frank Jr. yet. Tried twice to call him this afternoon but operator got no response. The only chance I will have to see him will be to go up to the Highway Dept. offices to night and see him.

The convention closes at noon tomorrow, and I suppose I will go up with Mr. Orr from Holly Springs and guess we will get to Holly Springs about 7 o’clock, so you can have Walker Crawford or someone meet me there or Stafford an about that time.

The banquet will be at 8 tonight and cost $1.50 don’t know whether I can eat that much or not unless it is caviar.

I will look for a letter in the morning.


*at the bottom of the page: Certified lighting and Radio in every room

1900 Census Benton Co., MS

Frank Ferrell 66
Sallie J Ferrell 48
Frank Ferrell 30
Carl Ferrell 21
Choppin Ferrell 19
Charlle Ferrell 13
Seth M Ferrell 10
Loucille Ferrell 9
William M Ferrell 7
Claude B Ferrell 5

1920 Census Benton Co., MS

Sallie J Ferrell 68
Frank Ferrell 49
Seth M Ferrell 31
Lucile Ferrell 29
William M Ferrell 27
Claude B Ferrell 25

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