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Henderson County, Texas
World War I Casualties
Athens Weekly Review - April - June 1929

Apr-Jun 1929 Athens Weekly Review Volume 47 of 161 Page 103-104
World War I Veterans
Below we give a list of our boys from this county who were killed or died 
in the World War, as compiled by the Henderson County Woman's Club. 
Committee composed of Mesdames Jesse Bishop, W. B. Smith, Davis, 
Miss Robinson and others.
Of the twenty six boys from this county who lost their lives during the world 
war only four were killed in action. Two died on foreign soil, one died of 
wounds received in action, while the others died of sickness or disease in 
cantonments: The Woman's Club desires a life record of all these boys 
because it was for them that the local library was instituted as a memorial.  
The list of boys whose history is desired follows:
Harvie Barron, (colored), Malakoff private 17th Company, 5th Batallion, 
165th Depot Brigade. Died at cantonment, December 5th 1918.
Geo. D. Beardsley, Brownsboro, Cook 39th Company, 165 Depot Brigade. 
Died at cantonment Otober 11th 1918.
Milton D. Botter, Athens, Private Battery B, 135th Field Artilery. 
Died at cantonment December 6, 1917.
John B. Caldwell, Athens, Private Battery B, 344th Field Artilery. 
Died at cantonment November 29th, 1917.
Thomas C. Davis, Athens, Privaate 46th Company 12th Batallion, 
165th Depot Brigade, Died at cantonment  October 14th, 1918.
William A. Ellis, Chandler, U. S. N. fireman second class, No active duty, 
died June 6th, 1927.
Theodore Garner, Athens, Private, Battery A, 127th Field Artilliery, 
Died on foreign soil October 10th, 1918.
Henry F. Gideon, LaRue, Private, 33rd Infantry. 
Died at cantonment  October 11th, 1918.
Eligie Monroe Giles, Malakoff, fireman first class, U. S. S. Pittsburg, U. S. N. 
Died on foreign soil October 26th, 1918.
Dennis Givens, (colored), Athens, private Headquarters Co., 24th Infantry. 
Died at cantonment  April 3rd, 1919.
James Hancock, Athens, Supply Co., 359th Infantry. 
Died at cantonment  January 24th, 1918.
Walter L. Hart, Malakoff, Private Headquarters 18th Area Concentration Co., 
Aviation section. Died in camp December 2, 1918.
Lawrence Haynie, Athens, Company D, 34th Infantry. 
Died in camp November 19th, 1919.
Robert B. Hendon, Frankston, Private Co. G, 359th Infantry. 
Died in camp December 13th, 1917.
James W. Hodge, Athens, Private Company G, 369th Infantry. 
Killed in action September 26, 1918.
Nathan Johnson (colored), Malakoff, Private 4th Co., 165th Depot Brigade. 
Died in camp August 9th, 1918.
George W. Killebrew, Fincastle, Private, Co. G, 143rd Infantry. 
Killed in action October 10, 1918.
Nathaniel J. Knowles, Brownsboro, Private, Co. C, 5th Field Corps. 
Died in camp, Janauary 7, 1918.
Thomas Jefferson Lewis,  Born July 30,1889, Died Nov. 25, 1918.
Died of the flu during active duty.
He is interred at Evan's Chapel Cemetery, Henderson County, Texas.
Eugene Morgan (colored), Athens, Private, Company D, 24th Infantry. 
Died in camp November 24th 1918.
Oran M. Neill, Athens, Private, Company B, 140th Infantry. 
Killed in action September 27th, 1918.
Jessie M. Nowell, Chandler, Private, 39th Company, 10th Batallion, 
165th Depot Brigade. Died in camp June 26th, 1918.
James A. Poague, Athens, Private, Company F, 113th Infantry. 
Died in camp October 12th, 1918.
Arthur Rogers, Athens, Private, Company M, 144th Infantry. 
Killed in action October 12, 1918.
David B. Shelton, Athens, Corporal, Company G, 359 Infantry. 
Killed in action Septemberr 13th, 1918.
John W. Shue, Malakoff, Private, Battery F, 132nd Field Artillery. 
Died in camp July 11th, 1918.
Thomas W. Waller, Mabank, Corporal, Company G, 359th Infantry. 
Died of wounds November 3, 1918.

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