Henderson County, Texas - Ferries & Toll Bridges


Henderson County, Texas

Compiled from Commissioners Court Minutes by Vesta HALL 
published Texas A.G.O. Summer 1985	


1836	Col. Robert H. PORTER   Trinity River, 
	owned property both sides	A-7

1846	John P. MOORE & ACKERS  Ferry-Trinity River 
	at the town of Buffalo  A-7

1847	S. G. PARSONS  Bridge- across E. Fork 
	near Warsaw Prairie	A-22

1848	A. M. MOORE  Public Ferry- town of Buffalo 
	east bank Trinity River  A-63,77,78
"Said MOORE is hereby authorized to collect the following 
feriage rates:

Carriage and one horse                .371/2	
Wagon and 2 horses or oxen        .50
Wagon & 4 horses or oxen         1.00
Man and horse                              .10
Footman                                        .05
Loose horse- per head                   .05
Cattle, hogs, sheep per head           .03

1848	Phillip T. BUFORD  Ferry- mouth Washington St. 
	town of Buffalo	A-78,82

1849	Ridley B. THOMAS  Book- A-89; B-32, 289, 299; 
	C-110,368, 323, 543, 581; D-218

1850	James BOGGS   Ferry- formerly owned by MOORE & BUFORD  
	 A-99,101, 113, 115

1850	James SMITH     Ferry- Cedar Creek Palestine Road	

1850	Edward GUTHRIE   Ferry- Trinity River town of Buffalo

1850	James Thomas LEE  Ferry- Trinity River town of Taas, TX 
	also slue A-115

1851	George McCOLLUM Ferry- Cedar Creek & Buffalo	B-52

1851	R.R. THOMAS (could be R.B.)  Ferry-Trinity River at 
	Tool Tx   B-3, 23, 53

1851	John BROWN  Toll Bridge across Kickapoo Cr. Athens Rd. 
	to Tyler B-59

1852	A. J. LAMANCE  Ferry- on Neches River at COOK's Crossing B-66

1853	James R. LEE   Trinity River mouth slough oposite Taas B-81

1853	Jonathan S. BROWN  Ferry- on Kickapoo Cr.. 
	north of his residence  B-80

1856	M. COBB  Ferry- across Trinity River at Buffalo	B-3, 65

1858	Mary MORGAN  Ferry- Trinity River at Taas, at McCOLLUM 
	Crossing  B-3,195, 255

1858	William F. CLARK  Ferry- across Cedar Creek 100 yards 
	above McCOLLUM Crossing	C-29, 132
1860	Leven COLLINS  Ferry-on Cedar Cr. on Athens & Old Bazette 
	Rd. his home C-29

1862	Enoch SPIVEY Ferry- across Trinity River near his home  
	C-221, 316, 264

1866	O. M. AIRHART  Ferry-across Trinity River known as Old 
	SPIVEY Ferry C-420, D-280; D2-111,465

1866	John W. BOX & Wm McCARTY      Toll Bridge-across Cedar 
	Cr. near Athens & PORTERs' Bluff			C-459

1867	N. J. BREWER & Ben BRANDEN Ferry- across Neches River 
	near Old MIM Place and Wallace	 C-540, 576

1867	Alfred GILKEY  Ferry- across Cedar Cr. on land owned by 
	GILKEY near New Athens d and PORTER's	C-541

1867	W. B. GAGE  Ferry- across Trinity River known as Old SPIVEY 
	Ferry C-542

1867	Smith McGLOTLIN & J.L. McNEAL  Ferry- across Kickapoo Creek 
	near Brownsboro	C-552, 585

1868	Joel HAMLET & M.O. AIRHART Ferry -Trinity River known as 
	Old SPIVEY Crossing			C-580

1868	J. A. THORP  Bridge- across Cedar Creek	D-209, 612

1868	E. WHATLEY    Ferry- Trinity River near Bazette Bluff C-577

1870	Joel F. HEWLET  Ferry- Trinity River 	D-180

1870	James AVRIETT nothing listed on my notes will have to 
	personally check D-210

1870	John BRANCH    Ferry- across Neches River known as 
	Old BRANDON Ferry  			D-181, 281

1870	Washington INGRAM  Ferry- across Trinity River	D-238, 280

1870	John D. MORMAN  Ferry- across Neches River known as 
	Old COOK's Ferry			D-257

1871	James A. MITCHAM   Bazette Crossing, North of Kerens & 
	Trinidad on Trinity River			D-303

1871	Mrs. A. P. THOMAS        THOMAS Ferry across Trinity River 
	near PORTER's Bluff			D-278, 333

1871	James HODGE  Ferry- across Trinity River near PORTER's 
	Bluff  D-311

1872	William CALTHORP   Ferry- south west of Chandler on 
	Kickapoo Creek  D-340

1874	Toll Bridge committee appointed for John A. THORP to sell 
	to county toll bridge known as THORP Bridge	D-460

1879	J. K. HUMPRIES & O. BRIEN New toll bridge across Cedar Creek 
	at THORP's Crossing 			D2-83

1880	Z. J. SMITH  Ferry- known as Bazette Ferry	D2-127

1882	John C. ELSTEN & 2 others    Road- Porters Bluff & Goshen Rd. 
	at PORTER's Bluff and landing at Berryville. 
	Toll gate established known as McADAMS Rd  D2-227

1886	Moses AIRHART & A. J. SMITH   Ferry	D2-544

1886	M. C. AIRHART   Ferry- Old SPIVEY Ferry	D2-465

1888	SMITH Ferry        Tax levied -$31.00 for 1889

1889	D. F. PULLEY        AIRHART Ferry on Trinity River  E-107

1889	Mrs. S. STRINGER    Bazette Ferry on Trinity River  E-109

1889	Bazette Ferry condemed, said boat unsafe	E-174

1890	W. G. ALMOND   Ferry- at THORP's Crossing in 
	Trinity River  E-194

1896	Mrs. M. A. WAGNER  Ferry tax remitted if Mrs. WAGNER 
	keeps banks in good condition			F-42

1898	Regulations for toll bridges and Ferries 	F-317

1925	James E. REESE	J-9

1929	F. W. DOGLEY  Toll bridge on Trinity River	K-233

Contributed by Bunny Freeman

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