Henderson Co., Texas - Register of Births - 1873-74-75-76



CHILD                 		FATHER   		MOTHER     		DoB     	SEX   DATE OF REG.	REMARKS

Anding, Nellie L.       	D. M.        	Harriet      	9/1873   	F    	11/12/1873

Aly, Albert Asbury  		Samuel L.   	Arninda    		2/7/1875  	M	3/12/1875

Brannan, Geo. C.     		Stamp       	Mary J.    		7/3/1873  	M	12/31/1873

Brown, Sarah Ella     		Henry        	Lucinda    		2/1874     	F	8/8/1874

Browning, Lewis Regan, 		Cornelius,  	M. E.  		3/2/1874  	M	8/19/1874

Bishop, Wm. Richardson, 	J. B.    		Mattie E.  		8/23/1874 	M	9/22/1874 	May the Lord Bless him
Bond, Martha Estell   		T. J.         	S. E.         	5/15/1874   F	11/10/1874

Boyd, Nathan C.   		Archibald James  	Mary M. 		9/12/1874 	M 	2/20/1874

Bedecamax, M. A.    		John       		Emaline J.    	12/13/1873  F	3/1/1874

Bradford, Ella Theresa  	S. N.      		M. S.         	2/12/1875 	F	7/26/1875

Coleman, Martha A.     		D. A.     		Panalle C.    	7/19/1872 	F	11/10/1874

Coleman, Ida A.         	D. A.      		Panalle C.    	7/10/1874 	F	11/10/1874

Caldwell, Charley        	D. R.      		Amanda       	no m/1874 	M    	7/26/1875

Collins, James Thomas   	John      		A. W.         	5/17/1875 	M    	4/22/1876

Darden, James L.      	 	W. J.        	M. E.          	2/16/1874  	M	8/17/1874

Edwards, Mettie        		W. H.      		Frances       	12/11/1874 	F	7/26/1875

Farris, Wm. Thomas  		W. N.       	J.                 6/19/1871  M   	11/21/1874

Farris, C. H.             	W. N.        	J.	             9/20/1874 	M	11/21/1874

Goodgame, Jacky    		John A.    		Martha          	3/15/1874 	M	6/30/1874

Hobgood, Ida Victoria,  	Lewis W.   		Caroline  		7/6/1873 	F	11/12/1874

Hunt, Sula                    Joel     		Roxanna          	2/7/1874  	F	7/20/1874

Hamell, Samuel Burton,  	R. A.    		N. S.            	2/7/1874 	M	5/15/1875

Hawkins, Della   			Thomas Nathaniel  Elizabeth (Hughes) 6/16/1874 	F 	7/23/1874

Jasper, William            	J. M.      		H. E.         	2/20/1875   M	7/23/1875

Hollingsworth, Sulenna,   	George    		N. E.     		6/26/1875   F	7/26/1875

Ingram, Elisa              	C. W.  		Amanda           	1/1874      F	12/7/1874

Ingram, Joseph A.       	J. E.     		Sarah A.      	3/12/1874   M	12/8/1874

King, Henry Columbus   		John B.  		Antonette  		3/3/1874  	M	7/28/1874  Not yet 6 months old

Lusk, Margaret             	S. B.    		N. C.            	4/23/1875  	F	8/2/1875

Lusk, Caroline               	S. B.  		N.C.              4/23/1875  	F	8/2/1875

Lutnick, James E.         	E. P.  		Mary              6/27/1875 	M	2/1/1876

Meazell, Moses Marion    	A. J.   		Elizabeth      	8/18/1873 	M	11/12/1873

McLauchlin, John Wm.       	G.    		Martha M.     	8/12/1873 	M	2/7/1874

Morris, Missouri Josephine   	R. K.   		M. C.       	6/25/1873  	F	5/25/1874

Murphy, Ella                  W. R.    		Annie L.    	12/16/1873 	F	8/25/1874

McCarty, Stephen Alfred    	J. D.     		A. N.        	1/25/1875 	M	3/12/1875

McNeely, John Jefferson   	Isaac Clark   	Rachel Ann 		10/15/1874 	M   	4/8/1875

NcNeely, Lawrance        	Joseph     		Tinssa   		11/10/1874  M	5/22/1875

Mosely, Maud                	Wm.			Jane   		11/12/1875  F	6/8/1875  Lives in Athens

Miller, Wm. Lee             	W. J.			Jane    		2/6/1875 	M	7/23/1875

McInnis, Walter B.          	C. P.			Mary E. 		12/22/1874 	M	3/1/1875

Morris, Virginia Bell      	Rufus K.		Mary C.    		10/1875 	F	11/23/1875

McLaughlin, Martha Jane     	G.   			no mother listed  10/1875  	F	3/18/1876

McDonald, Randol             	J. M.			M. A.    		6/8/1874   	M	12/7/1874

Nichols Aunis? Emily     	Thomas M.		Adaline  		7/12/1873  	F	11/12/1873

Palmer, Willis Allen         	R. D.			S.E.      	 	2/8/1874  	M	5/11/1874

Payne, Jettie Cumie?      	W. K.			M. J.    		12/24/1873  F	6/25/1874

Phelps, John Wilson      	Charlie		N. O.     		11/18/1874 	M	11/30/1874

Perry, James H.              	T.J.			H. A.      		4/8/1874   	M	6/1/1874

Porter, James Walker       	J.A.			Mary     		2/10/1875  	M	12/6/1875

Pond, Geo. Alonzo          	A. B.			Eliza Emeline   	8/18/1874 	M  	4/21/1876

Pelham, J. J.                 T. E.			Ann  			3/16/1876  	M	4/29/1876

Reynolds, Robt. Peal     	John H.		Nancy E.  		4/28/1874 	M	8/19/1874

Reynolds, John Matthew   	Starling		Sarah Ann  		10/15/1874  M  	3/11/1875

Rooks, Henry Franklin    	D. B.			unable to read  	1/22/1874  	M  	8/27/1874

Ray, Viola Isabelle       	J. or I. T.		E. A.   		12/18/1874  F 	3/11/1875

Sloane, Elijah Boone      	W. M.			Alpha   		2/24/1874  	M	6/25/1874

Sessions, Joseph Absolom  	Francis Marion    Alice  		9/16/1875  	M  	12/6/1875

Shelton, Roda Freelove    	J. J.			A. M. 		9/12/1875  	F	1/18/1876

Slaton, Carrie Belle        	C. C.			Martha   		1875      	F	3/1/1876

Thomas, Dulcina Kate     	J. E.			Sarah Ann  		8/11/1873 	F	1/9/1874

Tubb, Adline Elizabeth      	T. B.			N. J.   		9/30/1873   F	2/14/1874 Fine large gal 12  lbs all legs
Tinkle, Steven Allen        	Thad M.		Sarah  		2/10/1874 	M	7/20/1874

Tindle, Lonzo Wilson       	S. F.			Louisa J.  		2/26/1874 	M	7/26/1875

Underwood Harriet Exson  	Ripley C.		Texie   		7/5/1873 	F	7/5/1873

Weeks, James Francis      	Jeff			Tabitha  		8/13/1874  	M	11/12/1873

Walker, Emma Amanda   		Charles F.		Emma J.  		2/12/1874  	F	6/30/1874

Warren, Jennie                H.C.			Mollie    		9/26/1875  	F	4/11/1876

This book was found in the basement of the Courthouse on a bottom shelf under
a table. For some reason it is not recorded in the index of births upstairs in
the County Clerks office.
Copied by Bunny Shumate Freeman, published Texas AGO Vol. VII # 1 Summer 1987 

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