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TEXAS A.G.O.   is published 2 times a year by members of Athens 
Genealogical Organization of Athens, Henderson Co. TX.  A.G.O.  
was founded by Juanita Ely, Cathy Bergeron and Elllie Mae Minchew 
in May 1981 with the original membership of seven.  

TEXAS A.G.O.  covers ALL of Henderson Co. TX

OBJECTIVES  Of A.G.O. as taken from their by-laws:
1. To provide genealogical fellowship in the community.
2. To provide new research information to the membership.
3. To organize car pools and field trips to help alleviate 
	research expenses.
4. To record the local records of genealogical value.

MEMBERSHIP In A.G.O. is $15 per year starting Jan.; this 
entitles a member to participate in all activities of the organization 
and one journal each issue.  
Membership dues can be mailed to:  
AGO Treasurer
121 S. Prairieville St. 
Athens, TX  75751

SUBMISSIONS To the journal are encouraged as long as they are of 
genealogical and historical interest and about HENDERSON COUNTY TEXAS.   
Items will be printed as space permits and are subject to editing.

QUERIES From members are welcomed and will be printed as space 
permits, without charge. Others are $2.  Questions should not be 
lengthy.  The editor reserves the right to edit or reject any query.  

BOOKS   A.G.O. welcomes and will review any book dealing with genealogy 
or history from anyone.  A book must accompany such a request and 
will become property of the county library.  Be sure to include price 
and where available. Send to same address.

MEETING  A.G.O. meets the last Thur. of each month except Nov. and 
Dec. (which are rescheduled) at 6 pm at the First Methodist Church
Lovers Lane in Athens
If you have any questions contact: 
Bunny Freeman 

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