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2004 - 2005 Officers TX A.G.O.

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front l - r:
La Vern Rodgers, Treasurer
Peggy Allen, Editor
Charles M. Sanders Jr., Book Committee
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Bunny Freeman, website
Bennie Rust, Corresponding Sec.
Mildred Rust, Vice President
Tawna Walden, Secretary
Jana Shumate, President

A few members of TX A.G.O.:

front l - r:
La Vern Williams Rodgers, Jessica Allen, Peggy Trammell Allen,
Charles M. Sanders Jr.
Back Row l - r
Irene Garner, Mildred Allen Rust, Joyce LeMay Loden,
Tawna Loden Walden, Jana Williams Shumate, Bennie Rust,
Samuel Blair Sr., Bunny Shumate Freeman

Athens Genealogical Organization
Publication of the 2000 Henderson Co. Cemetery Books
Complied by Frank and Betty Hollowell

These books consist of five books.
There is an INDEX BOOK which contains approximately 50,000 names of people buried in Henderson County Cemeteries, and the name of the cemetery that each is buried in.

The other four books contain the cemeteries listed according to their locations in the county.
These books are the result of the work done by Betty and Frank Hollowell over the past two years. They contain the 57 cemeteries diagrammed and enumerated by the Hollowells and gives the location of the cemeteries, and the information found on the tombstones.
The books and the cemeteries listed in each are as follows:

Athens, Beck's Chapel, Goodgame, Modoc, Old Athens, Owen, Patterson, Post Oak, Rome, Trinidad, Smith, Union (Center), Walnut Creek, Willow Springs.

Coker, Cottonwood, Goshen, Gutherie, King (Aley), Malakoff & Fuel Co., Mankin, Meredith Campground, Moorehead-Melton, Payne Springs, Payne, Pioneer, Zion Hill.

Allen, Arms, Ash, Black Jack, Chandler, Concord, Jennings Mountain, Leagueville, Lutheran-Norweigian, New Hope, Old Brownsboro, Red Hill, Rock Hill, Rounsavall, Shelby Chapel, Terrell Family, Wreay.

Alligator, Carroll Springs, County Line (Anderson Co.), Davis, Fincastle, Frizzell, LaRue, Liberty Hill, Lightfoot, Miller, Myrtle Springs, New York, Poyner, Oak Lawn.
Prices (including postage and handling)
Index Book- $45.00
Books 1, 2, 3, 4, $22.00 each
To order books or for information about books, you may contact members of the Genealogical Organization or write/call/e-mail:

Betty Hollowell 
6198 CR 4508 
Athens 75752 
903 675-5250 

The information below are out of print Journals,
These journals can be found at the Athens Library, Library of Congress, Dallas Library, and we exchange with numerous other genealogical societies.

Copies can be found at the Clint Murchison Library in Athens
or the Dallas Public Library, Library of Congress
TX A.G.O. 121 S. Prairieville St. Athens, TX 75751
MARCH 1982
Confederates of Henderson Co.
A History of Post Offices & Communities of HC
Athens City Cem. Old section, A-Ellen
HC Abstracts of Land Titles
Marriage BK 1, A-Hines
SET 1 June 1982
Henderson Co. 1903 from The Southland Newspaper
Hood's TX Brigade, Co. K muster list
Conf. Soldiers living in HC in 1910
History of Post Offices con't. K-Y
Athens City Cem. con't England-Knight
Abstracts of Land Titles con't.
Marriage Bk 1 con't. Hobgood-Roberson

September 1982
Henderson Co. 1903
Athens City Cem. con't. Lacey-Richardson
Lewis Bible
Abstracts of Land titles con't.
Marriage Bk. 1 con't. Robbins-Youngblood
Early Court Rec. 1849
Index to Applications for TX Conf. Pensions of Henderson Co.
Confed. Vets. of HC A-W
Willow Springs Cem.

Last issue in Set 1 December 1982
Probate Min. index 1 A-Darrogh
HC Birth Rec. 1903-1907 A-Caddell
Athens City Cem. Richardson-Yantis
Abstracts of Land Titles con't.
Willow Springs Cem. con't
Union Vets. of HC

SET 2 June 1983
HC Probate min. index 1 con't Darrough-McNeal
Abstracts of Land Titles con't
HC Drummer's Licenses 1880-1882
HC Birth Rec. 1903-1907
Morehead-Melton Cem.

September 1983
HC Proabate min. index 1 con't McCain-Sloan
Abstracts of Land Titles con't
Birth Rec. con't Holloway-Miller
Walnut Creek Cem.
Moorehead-Melton Cem. con't

January 1984
HC Probate Min. index 1 Sims-Yarbrough
HC Abstracts of Land Titles
Confederate Oath has list of officals
Early Histories of Chandler
Thomas Jefferson Dobbs, Chandler TX
Birth Records con't McElhaney-Young

Last issue in Set 2 March 1984
Ancestor Charts
INDEX for June 1983-Jan. 1984

SET 3 Summer 1984
Athens abstracted from History of Henderson Co.
1904 Athens City Directory A-Colton
HC 1880 Census Precinct #1
Coltharp & Related Families
Dickerson & Related Families
Lanes Chapel Cemetery
Thomas Cemetery
Map of TX Counties 1840

Fall 1984
Newspapers of HC
Mabank Cemetery
HC 1880 Census con't
"Men of Affairs" C. A. Ritter, Thomas E. Scott
Map of TX 1835

Winter 1984-85
Mabank Cem. con't
Early Settlers of Eustace
HC 1880 Census con't
Archie Robbins Bio.
Republic of TX map 1836-1850

Last issue in Set 3 Spring 1985
Ancestor Charts
INDEX for Summer-Winter 1984-85
TX map 1849

SET 4 Summer 1985
Ferries & Toll Bridges in Henderson Co.
1880 Census con't
Mabank Cem con't
Abstracts of Land Titles
1904 Athens City Directory Clay-Marshall

Fall 1985
Founding of Henderson Co. Jr. College
1904 Athens City Directory Martinius-Young
Fall term of the District Court 1850
1880 Census con't
Commissioners Court Min. Bk. A 1846

Winter 1985-86
HC Rec. of Schools to 1876-1900 A-Cottonwood
HC index to Probate Min. Bk 2 A-Bryant
1880 Census con't
Dentist & Physicians filed and recorded in HC 1902-1978
Mabank Cem. con't

Last issue in SET 4 Spring 1986
1880 Census con't Precinct # 2 started
HC Index to Probate Min. Bk 2 con't
Mabank Cem. con't

Fall 1986
Smith Cemetery
Fincastle Pioneer Cem. Church & Schools
Histories of: Ash Switch, Leagueville, Murchison, Brownsboro, Brownsboro Norwegian Lutheran Cem. Chandler, Normandy, Red Bud Road, C. R. Yarborough Home, Chandler Cem., Jennings Mountian. These were on the Tour of Homes sponsered by the HC Historical Commission.
A.G.O. Minutes Excerpts 1986
HC Index to Probat Minutes, Bk 2 con't
1880 Census con't

Winter 1987
Walter E. Taylor Memories,
Fincastle, Myrtle Springs, LaRue, Poynor Communities
Fincastle Cem.
Myrtle Springs Cem.
The Honorable Edward Thomas Broughton
Col. William H. (Howdy) Martin
Civil War Period muster roll
1880 Censu con't
Letters from Mrs. Elizabeth R. Dollahite Hale WA.G.O.n sent to Grand-daughter Elizabeth C. Bell 1936

Last issue in SET 5 Spring 1987
INDEX for 1986-87
Judge J. R. Blades
A.G.O. members surname index for 1987
Family Group Sheets and Ancestor Charts

SET 6 Summer 1987
Our Standard Bearer for the Centennial, (not Henderson Co.)
Register of Births 1873-1874 Register of Births - 1873-74-75-76
Last Will of Heman Oberweiss
Family Group Sheets
Some Genealogical pitfalls and fallacies

Fall 1987
Mysteries of Henderson Co.
Dr. Jesse Green Sims
Henderson Co. produces Long Life
Post Oak Cem.
Hines Cem.
Walter E. Taylor con't

Winter 1987-88
Walter E. Taylor con't
Henderson Co. index of Probate Min. con't
Faulk Families in AL
Another History of Local Area
A list of Cemeteries of Henderson Co.

Last issue in SET 6 Spring 1988
A Ghost Town in Henderson Co.
Family Group Sheets and Ancestor Charts
Map of TX 1849
Index for Summer, Fall and Winter 1987-88
Orphan Train Riders, not Henderson Co.

SET 7 Summer 1988
James P. Henderson Gov. of TX
Excerpts from Henderson Co. Commissioner's Court Rec. Bk D 1870-1876
Historical Markers at Tool Cemetery
1880 Census con't
Excerpts from the Centennial Edition Athens Review 1950
Henderson Co. Map 1852
TX Historical Forts
Wartenbe Genealogy
Sheriffs of Henderson County
Platt of Brownsboro oldest town in the County, it was found in the Courthouse the date is not known
"The History of Cayuga and Cross Roads TX & Related Areas in Henderson and Anderson Counties" index

Fall 1988
George Tyler Wood 2nd Gov. of TX
Excerpts from writings of Mrs. Lelia Eads, Early life of Athens and Henderson Co.
A tidbit discovered in a genealogist's search...Kenneth Bledsoe
1880 Census con't
History of Meredith Campground
The All Day Singing At Meredith Campgrounds
Deed from Eber Meredith to the Church
Some Pastors of Meredith Campground

Winter 1988-89
Oak Grove 1885-1906
Automobilists Play Havoc with Preacher's Buggy 1909
Judge Stricken While Playing Violin at Home 1923 W.L. Faulk
Funeral Notice Edward Broughton Gauntt Jr.
Henderson Co. Death Rec. 1901-1940
History of Navarro, Henderson, Anderson Counties 1893
Obit. of Miss Pinkerton, Athens Teacher 1909
List of Schools and Teachers 1876-1921
City Council Takes Oath 1901
Malakoff City Cem.
1880 Census con't
History of the John Wofford Family

Last issue in SET 7 Spring 1889
Family Group Sheets
Index for Summer, Fall 1988 Winter 1989

SET 8 Summer 1989
James Wilson Henderson 4th Gov of TX
Lineage of C. J. Jones, M Nall, Benj. Harrison & John Brown Family
Culbertson Family Record Births

Fall 1989
Elisha Marshall Pease 5th Gov. of TX
Willliam Eli Daniel
William Richardson Family
Map of TX 1885
Loper-Saxon Family
D. C. Davis
Jerome Davis
1880 Census con't

Winter 1989-90
Hardin Richard Runnels of MS 6th Gov of TX
Lineage of C. J. Jones M. Nall, Benj. Harrison, & John Brown Families
Graves of the Presidents of the USA
1840 map of TX

Last issue in SET 8 Spring 1990
Index for Summer, Fall 1989 Winter 1990
Family Group Sheets

SET 9 Summer 1990
Sam Houston 7th Gov. of TX
TX map showing location of original Land Districts
Kenneth Greer Anderson
Paving the Courthouse Square
Terrell's TX Calvary
Flower pot or watering trough
William Eli Daniels con't
1880 Census con't
Indigent Dependents of soldiers of Henderson Co.

Fall 1990
Edward Clark 8th Gov. of TX
Henderson Co. School Rec. Teachers and Trustees during 1880's
Jones &: Brown Lines con't
Map of Reconstructed South
Trinity City
D. C. Davis Obit. & 1875 letter
County Officers 1846-1854
1884 Dimmitt Murder

Winter 1990-91
Francis R. Lubbock 9th Gov. of TX
Malakoff City Cem. con't
Archaic & Unusual Medical Terms
1880 Census con't
Moses & Isabel Shelby Chronology
Alfred A. Thomas
Brief History of 20th TX Cavalry

Last issue in SET 9 Spring 1991
Family Group Sheets
Index for Summer, Fall 1990, Winter 1994

SET 10 Summer 1991
Pendleton Murrah 10th Gov. of TX
TX County map 1840
The Gauntt Family
100 Years History of Athens Baptist Church
What's your line?
C. A. "Gus" Ritter
Herriott Cemeteries

Fall 1991
Andrew Hamilton 11th Gov of TX
Original Land Districts in TX
1880 Census con't
Probate Records con't
David Allen Owen
Letter written by Kindred K. Knight
Thomas E. Scott
Hendersons of Brushy Creek
Minnie Holder & John Hughes

Winter 1992
James W. Throckmorton Gov. of TX
TX map Republic of TX 1836-46
The Chipleys
John R. Gibson, "Men of Affairs of Henderson Co. TX"
TX Baptist History
Census Don'ts
Dulcina Holland Thompson Avriett
Hawn Lumber Co. of Athens 100 years
Allen Cemetery

Last issue in SET 10 Spring 1992
Index for Summer, Fall, 1991, Winter 1992
Family Group Sheets

SET 11 Summer 1992
Edmund J. Davis Gov. of TX
Allen Cemetery con't
My Incredible Great-Grandmother by Elaine Phillips Garrett
William David & Frances Rounsavall Family
William Doss & Mary Powell Family
William Homer & Myrtie Ross Family
Elizabeth Abbott's Family
William "Buck" Trussell
Rosalie Creech Bledsoe
Tullos Reunion
Anderson Family
Sam Holland

Fall 1992
Richard Coke Gov. of TX
TX map
Goodgame Cemetery
John & Irene Pool
Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist Church of Christ list of members
Family Group Sheets

Winter 1992-93
Richard B. Hubbard Gov. of TX
Henderson Co. Courthouse
Henderson Co. Births from 1870 census
Family tree of George Hanks and Lurane Hill
1880 TX alphabetical list of towns and counties in 1880
Athens Most Famed Soldier Thomas Bradley "Red Shirt" Miller
L. C. Kee "Men of Affairs"
State Census Records, importance of and where available

Last issue in SET 11 Spring 1993
Index for Summer, Fall 1992 Winter 1993

SET 12 Summer 1993
Oran B. Robert Gov. of TX
Migration Map 1840-1870
1904 City Directory Athens con't
Sheriff Jess Sweeten
New Hope Baptist Church membership list, late 1890's
Our next president has TX ties by Lloyd Brockstruck

Fall 1993
John Ireland Gov. of TX
Map of Henderson Co.
1904 City Directory of Athens and Henderson Co. end
1880 Winkler TX

Winter 1994
Lawrence Sullivan Ross Gov. of TX
Log House Learning
Loper Family
TX State Gazette of 1884-85 includes business directory of Henderson Co.
Henderson County Officers
W. W. Green "Men of Affairs"

Last issue in SET 12 Spring 1994
Index for Summer, Fall 1993, Winter 1994
Family Group Sheets

SET 13 Summer 1994
James Stephen Hogg Gov. of TX
Jana Williams Shumate Family
J. R. Gauntt "Men of Affairs of Henderson Co. TX"
Trinidad Cemetery

Fall 1994
The Athenian Vol. VI (1921 Yearbook)
Letter to Bonner Frizzell
Hezekiah Mitcham Family Record
Early Boundaries of Kaufman, Henderson, and Van Zandt Counties
Kindred Karter Knight Sr. Family
Miss Dovie Pearl Knight Presents
George Washington Deed
Early Caldwell's Hot Tamales

Winter 1994-95
Weaver Herriot's History Vacation
John Washington Gauntt Obit.
Voters Registration List - 1867
W. A. Richardson
Trinidad Cemetery Computerized A-Johnston
Athens High School Class Roll 1941-42
Letter from Ishmael D. Owen (Samuel Tine) to brother John Wade Owen

Last issue in SET 13 Spring 1995
Index for Summer, Fall 1994, Winter 1995
Family Group Sheets

***These Journals are double issues***
Summer/Fall 1995
Excerpts from News Chronicles Mabank TX
Bio. of Thomas Lebern Anderson
Barr Family Tree
Thomas W. & Lacy Edward Knight
Phillip Leonard Faulk
Weaver Herriot's History Vacation con't
Trinidad Cemetery con't
Malakoff Masonic Lodge
An Early Athens Telephone Directory, probable date- early 30's
Dr. W. H. Bruce
Henderson Co. Records- where to find microfilm

Spring/Summer 1996
Excerpts from Greer Lineage
Athens Class of 1922
Judge Carroll
Beck's Chapel
Knight Family
William & Nannie Gauntt Obits.
The Masons Rev. Dempsey W. Broughton
Family Group Sheets

Fall/Winter 1996/97
Excerpts from The Austin State Gazette on some people from Henderson Co.
Bonner Frizzell History
Dickerson & Related Families
Jobe Edward and Addie May Crabtree Family
Probate index Vol. 2 1900-1936
Thomas Green Letter
Letter from M. Richardson
Mankin Cemetery
John "Red" Brown
James Pickney Henderson
Allyn C. Douglas Sr.
Capt. Edward T. Broughton
Malakoff Man
Probate Records

Spring/Summer 1997
Malachiah Reaves
Nancy Joanna Beall Reeves
The Minutes of Hopewell Baptist Church
Roll of Female Members of Hopewell Church
Alman Huston and Descendants
Family Group Sheets
Probate Records Bk 2

Fall/Winter 1997/98
A History of Early Schools in Athens from 1850-1910
Beck's Chapel School 1920-21
Henderson Co. where to find records on microfilm
What Ailed your Ancestors?
Cemeteries Find Friend in State Group
Save TX Cemeteries
Winston Churchill's Quaker Ancestry
Lizzie Borden
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
Family Group Sheets

Spring/Summer 1998
Freed Slaves settled in Sand Flat
Scott Street Civic Club 1913
Roll of Members of Hopewell Baptist Church
Almazon Huston
Johanna Beall Reeves
Minutes of Leagueville Baptist Church
Epidemics in USA 1857-1919
Battle of Neches, TX Soldiers Graves
Types of Genealogists
The Story of Henderson County's Namesake
Ferries and Toll Bridges in Henderson Co.
Dentists and Physicians Filed and Recorded in Henderson Co.

Summer/Fall 1998
Katherine Angermier (not Henderson Co.)
Catherine Schneider (not Henderson Co.)
Henderson Co. Treasure's Report 1900
History of Elizabeth Eula Earnest
Marks and Brands Bk 1 1840-1850
Sifford Family
Athens Kiwanis Club Newsletter 1937
Marriages for Henderson Co. 1905-1908
Register of Births for Henderson Co. 1873-1876
History of Lonnie Lee Cockerell
Lewis Cemetery
Richardson Cemetery
The Griffith Family of the Old Southwest
Branson, Crist, Batchelor Families
Old Wood School House (picture)

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David Finch

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