Cottonwood School, pic. 1 Henderson Co. TX



Thanks to Debra Tucker

All named from left to right.

Top Row:  
Merle Pickle
Delphine Frazier
Ellen Smith...teacher
Zora Stegall...teacher
R. B. Unknown
Derwin Graham

2nd Row:
Lloyd Graham
Clara Mae Graham
Fred Campbell
Nadine Frazier
Howard Beeson
Wilson Beeson
Florene Miller

3rd Row:
Edith Isabell Frazier
Margie Dell Morton
Melba Campbell
John Byron Morton
Jess Rayburn Morton
Unknown Wilkerson
Sterling Pickle
Unknown Beeson
Christine Clara Morton

4th Row:
James Walter Frazier
Maida Ophelia Graham
Clemme Key
Mary Marie Beeson
Foy Pickle
Peggy Roberson
Gerald Arthur Graham
Eddie Mae Scarbrough
Charles Foster

Front Row:
Hatton Morton
Erma Lee Frazier
Gene Foster
Unknown Beeson
Unknown Wilkerson
Wilson "Grasshopper" Frazier
Lois Campbell

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