David Phares Letter # 6 Henderson Co. TX
David Phares Letter

Dear wife got in the army at this place on the evening of the 7 and had to start soon the next morning to meet the enemy and we met them about 3 miles below mansfield and fought a battle with them, it was not very long but it was pretty hot while it lasted the hotest fight commenced abut 2 or 3 oclock in the ---ning, we tried to get the yankees, to charge us where we were sheltered behind a large farm but we could not do it, So we had to charge on them about half a mile or 3 quarters right across an open field to where they were Sheltered behind the fence and in thickets and we drove them back and when we Started them we drove them before us until Dark then we camped on one side of a creek and then on the other Side until the next morning when they continued thier retreat back near Leason (?) hill where we had another Sovene fight on the 8 I think we had more men killed and wounded than what they did but we took Something over two thousand of them prisoner we lost out of reginment about 21 killed and about 61 (or 67) wounded our Colonel lieutenant Colonel and three captains were killed in that fight we captured about one-- (can't read the next line) between 20 and 30 pieces of artilery a quantity of baggage and I cannot tell how many guns from what I could learn on the 9 the yankees got more men killed than we did we also took a good many prisoners in that fight and some more property we followed them up on the tenth and took more prisoners on that day The tenth is the last --- that I have from them I heard others had
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--but I was detailed on the first days fight to help pack the wounded men off of the battle field and I had to follow our reiment up and was where the balls whistled on each side of me and the bumbshells bursted all around me and the next day it late before the fight commenced and my company did not get within site of the battle ground until about sun down and we had no arms So we had to march back a mile to get our guns by that time the fight ended on the tenth we marched back towards where I we are now camped and our cavalry run the yankees back to there gun boats on the 11 we come back up here and got here late and I was very tired and hungry but I received a letter from you (the next words could be: wife you; there is a spot over some of the letters) give me great Satisfaction to hear that you were all well. I understand that we have to go across red river now to help general Price to whip the feds on that side of the river I do not know whether we will start tomorrow or rest until next day, I Suppose we got killed and wounded about 7 thousand men in both fights, and we taken about 35 hundred prisoners and I cannot tell how many yankees got killed and wounded, I would be glad to See this war Stop for it is a very bad thing to See our fellow men Just Shot down like beast or bumsled (?bombshelled) all to peices with a bumbshell, this leaves we well, write soon Direct your letters as follows
D T Phares Shreveport La Co e (or L) 17 or 77th Texas Cav
D T Phares


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