David Thomas Phares Letter # 5 1864 Henderson Co. TX
David Thomas Phares Letter

Nacogdoches January 29th 1864
Dear Wife I do think that I am in the best health now that I have had for four years for which I thank my god, I have written to you 2 or 3 times and I would be very glad to hear from you all, So you must write as Soon as you get this letter and let me know how everything is getting along, I am in captain Britan company at this place Drilling, and I think we will stay here until some time in march and it is likely that I will get to come home before we leave here but I cannot tell what time

you must do the best you can in all things, and trust and pray to god for his mercies towards us, I will Say to you that we are doing well at this time we have pork beef meal flour Sugar rye and Salt you must give my love to all my friends and --- a very good portion to yourself kiss the children and teach them the ways in which they should walk nothing more only I remain your loving husband So good by for this time D T Phares
Sinet your letters to D T Phares Co H 17 Texas cav Nacodoches Texas

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