Trinity Advocate Feb. 16, 1859
Trinity Advocate
Feb. 16, 1859
Strong & Wood
G S Downs, et als.
To the Sheriff or any lawful officer of
Henderson county--GREETING:

You are hereby commanded to summons
George S Sowns, Serena Downs &
Isaac Langston, by publication in the Trinity
Advocate, a paper published in Anderson
county, for four successive weeks, personally
to be and appear at a Justice Court to be
holden by the undersigned authority, at my office
in Athens, Henderson county, on the last
Saturday in February, 1859, to answer the
complaint of Strong & Wood, in a plea of
Debt due upon a promisery note, for the sum
of one hundred dollars, due 25th day of
December, 1858; then and there to show cause
if any they have, why judgement should not
be given against them, for plaintiff's demand.
Herein fail not, and due return make of this
writ as the law directs.

Given under my hand, this 13th day of
January, A.D. 1859.
J. P. Beat No. 1, H. Co.
Received in office, January 13th, 1858. (should have been 1859 bf)
Sheriff Henderson county Texas
George S. Downs, Serena Downs &
Isaac Langston, you will take notice of the
above citation, and attend accordingly.
Sheriff of Henderson county, Texas.
Prs. fee $10.
G. S. Downs age 40 is in Polk Co., TX in 1860.
G. S. Downs is a farm laborer with real estate value at 200.
Serena age 40 is with him along with the TUBBS family and two boys Wm. Ambrose Downs, age 12 and Clark Downs age 10 (researched by bf)

Citation for Downs Aug. 18 1858

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