Thomas Jefferson Fuller Letter to the Editor, 1910 Henderson Co. TX
Athens, Henderson Co. TX

Article from the Athens Review dated April 7, 1910.

A Letter from an Ex-Henderson County Man in the West: Desiring to Return

(KentCo.) Texas: March 29, 1910

Well, Mr. Yantis, Athens Review:

Dear Editor: You doubtless will be a little surprised to see this, neverthe less I have been thinking many times I would write and tell those who had the western fever I had a very high one to return to where the water from springs flows and where the wind does not so continuously blow. I have just spend the day hauling water. Had to haul about four miles and if I ever spent an unpleasant day in life today has been one. This is a fine country for dry weather and sand storms. I don't think it can be beat.

We have had but little rain since last November. The land is not moist enough to plant except the shinry and that blows so bad those who live in the sandiest part are waiting late owing to the sand killing out the yound stuff as it comes up. Well I can only speak for myself. I have lived in several counties and the best for me to live and get more squirrels up one tree there than any place I ever lived is Henderson County.

I came to Texas in 1882 and landed at Athens September 26 at 6 p.m. Stayed all night and the 27th I was introduced to old Uncle John Pugh by a friend an old schoolmate of mine who came to Texas seven years before I came. Well as I have noted the name of Uncle John P. as he is commonly called, I will have to tell a little joke on myself. He took me out home with him as there was plenty of cotton to pick. So my brother and a Mr. Jackson in a wagon and Uncle John P. and myself in a wagon just ahead of Mr. Jackson and my brother. We came to the Riley crossing for the ferryman as we would have to ferry over. Well the crowd I would guess enjoyed it better than myself as we spent five or ten minutes. Finally, Mr. P. said "I will get out and tie my wagon bed down and we will try to ford it as I have done before, so you hold on to me now and we will try." So I got a fast hold on him and in we drove but what did we find---a very shallow stream and then I found I had to furnish the fun for the company for quite a while. So we passed over safe.

Well I did not start out to give a full account of my past history since I have lived in Texas. I will close by saying Van Zandt and Henderson are the best places. I was just on the line. I had equally the same for each and better people do not live any other place. Mr. Editor, you will please correct all errors. I enjoy reading the Review so much, more especially the letters from different parts of the county. I see the New York writer spoke of pounding those who return this fall. I am very much in hopes Murchison and Shady Grove will fall in line as I expect to be one of the band who return, for I think now if I live to see fall come I will return and retire from a windy life. So wishing the editor with his good paper sucess, I remain, A fond reader, T. J. Fuller

(Note this is Thomas Jefferson Fuller, father of Andy Fuller, grandfather to my uncle R.W. "Dud" Fuller)
Peggy Trammell Allen

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