Attempt to Assassinate Sept 24 1897
Sept. 24, 1897
Fort Worth Morning Register

Attempt to Assassinate.

Malakoff, Tex., Sept. 23 -- About 11
o'clock Tuesday night and just after
northbound express train had passed
here, some midnight miscreant fired
two shots through the rear office window
at Assistant Agent E. P. SEARCY.
The first shot was fired at SEARCY'S
back as he was reporting the departure
of the train. Having no weapons of
defense at hand, he stepped into the
freight room to avoid the light, when
the second shot, almost grazing his
back, entered the partition wall of the
building. Mr. SEARCY says he
caught a passing glimpse of the party
as he passed the window and that the
gun resembled a Winchester rifle but
that he has no idea who it was. People
are at a loss to understand the motive
for such a dastardly deed. There is
no clew as yet.

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