Political Calendar 1924, Henderson Co. TX
Athens Weekly Review
Thursday, April 3, 1924

The Review is authorized to announce the 
following candidates for the 
respective officers accompanying their name, 
subject to the action
of the Democratic primaries:

For Congress, 3rd District
Morgan G. Sanders, Re-election
J. H. Beavers

For State Senator, 6th District
J. T. Stroder
Julian P. Greer

For Representative
H. A. Justice

For County Judge
A. B. Coker
Grover H. Curlee

For District Clerk
Gene Landman
R. H. (Hugh) Pickle
Victor Gardner
Walter Dean

For District Attorney
W. D. Justice

For County Clerk
Dan Browning, Re-election
John W. Ballow

For County Attorney
A. B. Culbertson

For County Superintendent
Mrs. Belle Easterwood
B. P. (Bert) Smith Re-election
H. C. Mosely
J. L. Mitcham

For Tax Collector
Miss Ida Dellis Re-election
Henry Meredith
B. P. McLauchlin

For Sheriff
W. J. Gentry Re-election
J. P. Morrow
T. C. Hamilton
W. F. Pulley

For Tax Assessor
Clint Davis
W. L. (Walter) Reynolds
For County Treasurer
Joe M. Hutcheson
Geo. P. Dean
Jesse P. Cobb
T. D. (Tom) Frizzell
J. A. Q. Waddell

For County Surveyor
R. C. (Bob) Faulk Re-election

For Commissioner, Precinct 1
J. W. Peay Re-election
J. R. Scarborough
George R. Davis
Boley Tindel
A. W. (Arch) Perdue

For Commissioner, Precinct 2
Greer E. Reynolds Re-election

For Commissioner, Precinct 3
J. W. McLeod
J. A. Harper
L. W. Tindel

For Commissioner, Precinct 4
W. J. Shuptrine, Re-election
J. D. Young
S. Hume

For Justice Peace Precinct 1.
Jeff C. Davis Re-election
B. F. Williams (Benjamin Franklin "Frank")
W. F. (Floy) Gibbs

For Justice of Peace Precinct 4
T. M. Cotten Re-election
C. W. Corley

For Justice of Peace Precinct 7
Fred Ayers, Re-election
P. W. McDaniel
A. G. Hughes

For Constable Precinct 1
T. B. (Bill) Patton Re-election
C.C. Pharris

For Constable Precinct 4
J. F. Ramsey
J. F. Boles

For Weighter Precinct 1
L. G. Clark
N. W. (Bud) Stokes
John M.  Graham

For Public Weigher, Precinct 4
W. H. Coursey Re-election

** I added some other names that were on the 
political list from May 22, 1924. bf

Submitted by Bunny Freeman April 2003

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