Letter to the Editor A. W. Meredith Old History, Henderson Co. TX
Athens Weekly Review
Feb. 4, 1926
To The Editor of the Review:
The following letter former A. W. Meredith, a one time resident of Athens, will be of interest to readers of
the Review's articles, "Twenty Years Ago."  Mr. Meredith is a half brother of Mrs. T. M. Graham, half 
brother of Dr. Easterling and an uncle of county tax collector Henry Meredith. 
To The Editor of the Review:
Jan. 27th--A copy of your paper with an article written by Mrs. Belle Easterwood of the early days of 
Athens was sent me by a friend, which in the language of Bill Arp put me in a reminiscent mood.
My father moved from Georgia to Athens in 1852.  He came in two wagons, my father drove one and
E. A. Carroll drove the other.  They were on the road near two months, however, they were detained
by sickness and the death of my brother, who was two years younger than myself.  My brother, J. T.
Meredith, was an infant in my mothers arms.
I learned my letters at the first school taught in Athens, in a log house.  I think on the lot where the old jail
was burned behind John Murchison's store.  The teacher's name was Howard, he was a personal friend
of John H. Reagan, they had occupied the same room at Buffalo, the first county seat in Henderson 
county.  This in later days I learned from Judge Reagan.  The second school was taught by Capt. Brear
Thompson, who was Aunt Dul Avriettes first husband.  Some who attended that school were the Cavitts,
Balls, Grays and Bethels.  Later a teacher by the name of Hill taught in a boxed house.  Mr. Ratcliff sent
his son, Milton, and daughter, Miss Tex, to that school, boarding them in town with Mr. Trimble.  Miss
Tex still lives in Kaufman.  She married Geo. D. Morrison a lawyer of Athens.
I remember going to my mother and telling her that they were holding meeting under a tree and Mr. Martin
and Mr. Dunn were preaching.  That was the first court I know anything about.  Mr. father's house was 
about the center of the west side of the court house square and back sufficiently to give a good size 
yard.  He kept the first hotel and boarding house in the town.  As to the first graveyard, it was on the hill 
S. E. from the Baptist church.  I think after the present cemetery was located most of the bodies were
removed to the present cemetery.
My father sold his Athens property in 1855 or 1856 and bought a tract of land near where Walton is now
located.  Our spring was what is now known as the Mann Lake.  My father died on that farm in the spring
of 1859 and was buried in Athens by the Masonic lodge, of which he was a member.  My mother rented
a house in Athens until she could get her business in shape to return to Georgia, which we did in the
fall of 1859.  So in 1859 I was sent to school to Mr. McDonald.  The school house was situated on a hill,
where I think Ed Carroll now lives.  I recall none now who attended that school except Bill Gentry, who a 
few years ago lived on Walnut Creek.
There was some political excitement that year, Sam Houston was elected Governor, Marvin Martin of
Navarro county beat Wm. H. Martin of Athens, for state senate.  A. B. Horton, who then lived in Athens, 
beat Geo. D. Morrison, who was then a young lawyer of Athens, for the Legislature.
In December 1872, I returned to Texas and in 1874 taught a school in the Southern part of Henderson
county.  some who attended this school were George Davis, Tom and Jim Luker, Joe LaRue, his sister
and others.  I could mention many who have died.
A. W. Meredith

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