CW Letter from L.M. Corder May 29, 1941 AWR Henderson Co., TX

Athens Weekly Review
May 29, 1941
Letter Written By Confederate Soldier Killed,

Prized By Family

An old letter, still legible, although written in 1861, is prized by C. A. Corder. It was written by his grandfather, L. M. Corder, from Confederate Camp at Hope, Ark. Mr. Corder was confined to the Confederate hospital there at the time and wrote the letter to his wife, Mrs. Ann Caroline Corder who died in this county in 1901 and was buried at LaRue.

Mrs. Corder lived at Brushy Creek and Old Fosterville for many years. Mr. Corder never returned home, he was killed at the battle of Jenkins Ferry on Saline river.

His letter, which has been handed down to each generation, follows:

Wife and children, I am once more blessed with an opportunity to write you a few lines. I will give you a history of my travels since the day you left me. The day you left I marched about fourteen miles all day by myself. Next day I reached the regiment, which was about fourteen miles further. We stayed those two days and were ordered to the old camp again. We were two days getting back and when we got back we had orders to march next morning northwards. I went to the captain and told him I could not follow the regiment any further. He told me to report to the sergeant and I did so and he sent me to the hospital. The regiment is gone I know not where. We have not heard from them since they left. Some say they have gone one place and some another. All I know, I saw them start toward the north.

I don't know when I will be carried on and I don't care. I am very well satisfied here. I get plenty to eat; have biscuit once a day and plenty of bacon. I manage so as to get a good cup of genuine coffee every night and morning. I knock around and help cook for the doctors and they have the best that is going.

My health is about like it was when you left me and I have gained some strength. I have not had the bad spells of pain. My dear wife, I don't know what more to write you of interest. I am going to try to send this letter to Monticello by hand. (Here a few lines of the letter have worn through and are not readable.) I know you want to hear from me and what I would give to hear from you and know whether you got home and whether you found your things or not. You must excuse this short letter and I will do better next time. May God help you and my little children is my daily prayer. L. M. Corder to his wife and children.

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