1901 Court Records Henderson Co. TX

Athens Weekly Review

Feb. 22, 1901


Commissioner's Court

Claims Allowed.

Betsey Henry pauper 10.00
J. M. Stephens repairing bridge 10.00
L. H. Dowell work on jail and poor farm 3.50
Mary E. New qr allowance 10.00
Peter Hardin 3 days letting and receiving bridges 9.00
Peter Hardin 10 days inspecting and receiving bridges 30.00
W. H. Birdwell 4 days inspecting and receiving bridges 12.00
W. H. Birdwell 9 days inspecting roads and bridges 27.00
B. D. Arnold 4 days inspecting and receiving bridges 12.00
B. D. Arnold 7 days inspecting roads and bridges 21.00
W. F. Hardin reparing 4 bridges 50.00
East Texas Reformer stationery and printing 6.35
ATHENS REVIEW stationery 3.00
J. E. Morgan 3 cds wood 9.00
G. M. Day delivering pauper to poor farm 1.00
J. T. Holloway lumber for bridge 10.00
C. I. Pickle hauling lumber and repairing bridges 2.00
W. O. Williams feeding prisoners to Feb. 16 356.48
W. O. Williams waiting on Frank Martin 8 days 3.00
J. J. Powers acct. for mdse 15.30
Gauntt Bro. acct. for mdse 6.60
J. B. Moore lumber for bridges 21.20
C. R. Pickle 10 days inspecting roads and bridges 30.00
Paul Jones county supt 100.00
Geo. D. Barnard & Co. stationary county judge 18.65
Geo. D. Barnard & Co. stationary county attorney 11.65
Paul Jones disposing of 13 criminal cases 39.00
Paul Jones telephone state health officer 1.35
J. J. Bradshaw jail guard 18 days 35.00
Joe Bell jail guard 18 days 45.00
H. Calloway jail guard 6 days 12.00
D. Maynard jail guard 6 days 12.00
Paul Jones 8 days per diem 24.00
C. R. Pickle 6 days per diem 18.00
W. H. Birdwell 6 days per diem 18.00
B. D. Arnold 8 days per diem 24.00
Peter Harden 8 days per diem 24.00
W. O. Williams 8 days per diem 16.00
L. W. Meredith com $108 fines collected 10.80


For general purposes 25 $100.00
Road and bridge 15 $100.00
Court house 5 $100.00
Jail 25 $100.00

Poll tax 25 cents

Occupation, what state levies

Each ferry, $15.00


New Malakoff 20 on the $100
Reid Branch 20 on the $100
Aley School 20 on the $100
Murchison 20 on the $100
New Walnut 20 on the $100
Trinidad 20 on the $100
Eustace 20 on the $100

The following were appointed presiding officers of elections for the next two years of the various elections precincts opposite their names.

J. T. Deen, Athens, No. 1

E. L. Green, Chandler, No. 2

L. L. Ansley, Brownsboro, No. 3

J. H. Reynolds, New York, No. 4

Jim Dickerson, Fincastle, No. 5

Jno. K. Simmons, Willow Springs No. 6

C. E. Waldrom, Malakoff, No. 7

J. W. Moore, Eustace, No. 8

W. E. Carter, Aley, No. 9

D. A. Ard, Murchison, No. 10

W. R. Epperson, Leagueville, No. 11

J. R. Diggers, Berryville, No. 12

E. H. Garrett, Union, No. 13

E. J. Carson, Mallard Prairie, No. 14

R. L. Gilbert, Trinidad, No. 15

The voting place in precinct No. 8 was changed from Goshen to Eustace.

L. D. Royall et al petition for stock law election rejected for not having 20 signatures to the petition.

Petition of R. C. Calloway et al to change line of school district No. 13, granted as prayed for.

Petition of Millard Stirman et al to change line of district No. 37. Granted the portion east of the Athens and Prairieville road to be known as Sand Flatt and Caney Creek district No. 37, and the territory west of said road to be known as Eureka district No. 37 .


The applications of the following persons for confederate pensions were heard and certificates allowed: G. W. Reed, Mrs. Oliver Scott.

Applications of H. C. McDowell continued for doctor's certificate. Of F. M. Hall continued for depositions of witnesses.

An order transferring $500 from the court house and jail funds each to the jury fund was passed.

It was ordered that the county will pay for a telephone at the poor farm but no where else.

The sale of three old mules belonging to the county for $140 and one sow and 18 pigs for $20 was ratified, Mrs. M. E. Collins being the purchaser of the mules and M. E. Richardson of the hogs.

The quartly report of C. T. Scott showing a balance due him on account of paupers, convicts, care of stock, work and merchandise of $263.87 was considered, and it was ordered that the sum of $222.17 be allowed as follows $36 to be paid in scrip on general fund, and the sum of $187.17 allowed as a credit on amount due the county by him.

Quarterly reports of the various county and precinct officers were examined and approved.

The offical bonds of tax collector and assessor were examined and approved.

Several petitions for changes in public roads were considered and granted but lack of space prevents their publication this issue.

Bunny Freeman

Commissioner's Court Henderson Co. TX

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