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Athens Weekly Review

June 19, 1903
A Killing
Last Thursday evening Oscar Walker, a young man about 21 years old, shot and killed instantly W. C. Gatling. Walker went to Gatling in the field where he and three others were hoeing cotton and demanded of Gatling $2.80 which he owed Walker for work. Gatling told him he could not pay him them but would do so Saturday. Walker went off and returned after awhile with a gun and shot Gatling without any warning what ever. None of those present saw Walker until the gun fired. He was standing just out side of the fence waiting for Gatling to get close enough. Walker went to where he lived and was arrested by Sheriff Williams. Justice Starr held the inquest and the above are the substance of what he told the Review man. The examining trial was set for yesterday.
George Cook of Eustace, was in the city Monday and gave us a call. Reagan Wofford gave him a ride over the city and he was perfectly surprised at the amount of improvements in Athens the past few months. He says Eustace has one of the best constables in the county.
June 19, 1903
A Home Wedding
Wednesday evening at the residence of W. T. Green, Miss Laura Green was married to Mr. Almoth Jandrew of Terrell. Rev. W. B. Stirman, grandfather of the bride officiating. So goes another of Athens' fair ones. Miss Green is one of Athens best and most popular young ladies. Mr. Jandrew formerly resided in Athens and is a very worthy young man. They left on Wednesday evening train for Terrell their future home. Review extends congratulations.
An Outing
A party of very young folks took a little outing Wednesday to Bose Coleman's farm. Mesdames Larkin and Gaston (nee Miss Lucy Collins) chaperoned them. The party consisted of Misses Margaret Johnson, Winnie Larkin, Annie Richardson, Trixie Murchison, Genie Pauline Jones, and Vyvyan Yantis; Masters Bush Wofford, John R. Jones, Tim Jones Powers, Hamlet Wood, Walter Faulk and John Cain.
Deputy Sheriff Grayson took fever Monday and up to Wednesday it had not abated any. Fears of slow fever entertained.
M. B. Rosenthall of New York City says he bought a straw hat at the Red Brick Corner for $2.50 which costs $3 in other cities.
Dr. Matthews, Sr. had all his children and grand children with him Sunday but one son and his family. There were present twenty-five.
John Garrettt who is attending Tyler College spent Saturday and Sunday at home. He is well pleased with the college and is getting on finely. John is a bright and good boy.
Chas. F.Scott has been granted license to practice law. he attended the State University this year. Athens has a good list of young attorneys. The old ones better look out for their laurels.
Rev. Bell, formerly pastor of Baptist church in Athens, spent last Saturday and Sunday here on his return from the Theological Seminary of Louisville, Ky. He was guest of Dr. Johnson while here.
Geo. H. Matthews and family of Nacogdoches and Conrad Matthews and family of Corsicana visited their parents in Athens this week. They and Dr. Tem Matthews Jr. are spending the week on a fish at Club Lake.
B. C. Wadlington and L. Mulligan gave us a call yesterday morning. Mr. Mulligan resides in Ellis County. He is step-father of Oscar Walker whose examining trial for the killing of Gatling was held yesterday. He was here to attend the trial. Mr. Wadington is a lawyer who moved to Athens Wednesday evening. Rented a residence from Mr. Poynor and was employed in the defense of Walker yesterday morning. He has settled in Athens to practice law.
A Dining
Wednesday evening Mrs. Owen the proprietress of the Mitcham House gave a dining that was the swellest affair of its kind in Athens, so says one of the guest. Covers were laid for twelve. The decorations were beautiful and tasteful. Good musice regaled the guest while at dinner. All the participants unite in saying is was a most delightful time.
Examining Trial of Walker
Yesterday morning at 10:30 in Justice Starr's Court was called the case against Oscar Walker charged with killing one Gatling, notice of which appears elsewhere in the Review. County Attorney Mobley assisted by District Attorney McDonald represented the attae. Mr. Wadlington and Eustace and McDonald the defendant.
After examination of the state's witnesses the defendant declined to introduce any evidence. Brief arguments were made by County Attorney Mobley for the state, and by Capt. Eustace and Mr. Wadlington for defence. The court denied bail to the defendant and remanded him to jail.
the Mutual Aid Association will meet at the Tannery on the 9th of July, 1903. All those interested in learning something about the mutual aid plan of cooperation are invited to come and lend a helping hand.
J. R. Higganbotham, President
Tom Paschall, Secretary.
Oct. 1. 1903
District Court Notes
Monday the Oscar Walker case, a murder case, was taken up and a verdict of guilty with a life sentence was rendered.
The case against Enoch Smith on a plea of guilty a sentence of two years was given.
The case against Dick Lewis was given to the jury this eveingin. This is a case of burglary. The defendant is a negro. The court appointed J. J. Bishop and W. B. Mobley to represent the defendant. We did not hear Mobley's speech and only a part of Bishop's but the general opinion is that the defendant was well represented. The verdict was not guilty.
Another case was taken up yesterday, Thursday evening late and the court worked until midnight to get in all the testimony so a large number of witnesses could leave on the midnight train. The court has certainly rushed things this week. Judge Gooch is a dispatcher of business in court.

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