List of Business and Professional Men 1898 AWR 1938 Henderson Co., TX

Athens Weekly Review
May 26, 1938
List of Business and Professional Men of Athens Forty Years Ago (1898)

William T. Carley of Austin has compiled a list of business and professional
men of Athens forty years ago from records available at Austin. The records
are taken from the archives section of the state and university libraries and
Mr. Carley writes thah it is very authentic. The list as compiled by him follows:

George Adams
James Adams
John F. Ash
Athens Dry Goods
Athens Pottery,
Athens Pressed Brick Company (Morrison & Coleman)
Athens Review (J. H. Wofford, editor)
Thomas Bass
Bass and Miller
Bishop and Eustace
Blades and Robbins
J. A. Brewer
David Bridges
Charles Broker
Louis Brown
Benjamin Bryant
Wm. B. Buckner
James L. Butt
Mrs. Carothers
Wm. T. Carroll
Carroll and Avriett
Rev. J. H. Cason
J. F. Cook
E. P. Cooper
Jefferson Davis
Deen House
John T. Deen
John T. Dickerson
Thomas Dickey
dowell Brothers
H. A. Easterling
East Texas Reformer (G. H. Harvill, editor)
Faulk and Faulk
First National Bank
Lewis N. Foster
Thomas Foster
Wm. A. French
Gauntt Brothers
Rev. W. T. Gilliam
Prof. H. Goolsby
Edward Hanson
Hart Brothers
George Harvill
Clarence Hatch
Charles H. Hawn
Henry Brothers
James C. Hodges
Homer Holloway
Hotel Royal
J. R. Irion
Wm. W. Jackson
Wm. W. Jarrell
Jenkins and Matthews
Clarence R. Johnson
Paul Jones
Thomas Jones
Wm. S. Jones
Jones and Jones lawyers
Charles L. Kendrick
Lane and Pruet
Percy Larkin
Squire B. LaRue
Will LaRue
Jacob Lipstate
Samuel Liston
Thomas Lucker
J. A. McDonal
Mathmetical Messenger (G. H. Harvill, editor)
John J. Matthews
Thomas M. Matthews
Wm. Matthews
A. S. Miller
Charles K. Miller
Miller Barber shop
P. E. Miller
Morgan Brothers
Miss Bessie Morris
Morrison & Coleman
Murchison General Store
T. F. Murchison
John B. Murphee
Northwester Mutual Life Insurance Company
Jeff D. Owen
Pacific Express Company
Parker and Miller
James M. Pinkerton
Rev. W. P. Pledger
John J. Powers
Luke A. Powers
Reierson and Wood
Rice and Gravlee
Richardson Brothers
Mrs. C. C. Richardson
John I. Richardson
Wm. C. Richardson
Richardson Watkins and Miller
A. S. Robbins
Royal Hotel
Wm. G. Scott
Miles T. Smith
Wm. P. Speer
Starr and Allison
John G. Stewart
Rev. W. B. Stirman
Stirman and Green
Mrs. Olive Toombs
Arthur C. Upchurch
John H. Walford
Samuel B. Walker
Western Union Telegraph
J. W. Williams
Williamson and Adams
George M. Wofford
John B. Wofford
Reagan P. Wofford
Wofford and Brother
Mrs. Eva Wright.

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