144th Infantry Henderson Co. TX


Shown in Photograph

First row: H. E. McCarley, E. T. Boyd, B. L. Carroll, C. R. Boyd, J. B. Thompson, C. J. Godwin, W. V. Sims, H. L. Boyd

Second Row: : L. D. Hagins, M. W. Orrick, J. B. Trammell, B. E. Ramsey, T. L. Fuller, C. M. Mitcham, A. Dosser, O. D. Carroll

Third Row: R. A. Sims, C. O. Valentine, C. E. Milner, L. J. Loden, J. A. Trammell, B. Bell, C. A. Dosser, E. F. Pickering, R. L. Fuller

Factual History

The Antitank Platoon, Headquarters Company, 114th Infantry, originally received Federal recognition on February 22, 1922. as the Howitzer Company, 144th Infantry. The company was organized by its first captian, John P. Pickens, who held his post until his resignation in June, 1929. Captain Pickens was succeeded by Captain Gaston M. Wood, the present commander of the platoon. The redesignation of the platoon from Howitzer Company to its present name was made October 1, 1939.



Charles R. Coker Lester Loden Jr.
Jake Coker Onford C. Lovegrove
John H. Coker Hershel E. McCarley
Aaron Rosser Nubel Z. Miller
Earl D. Douglas Cameron L. Mitcham
R. W. Fuller Marion W. Orrick
Thurman L. Fuller Ellis P. Pickering
Harvey B. Gandy T. J. Ponder
John C. Gandy Bruce W. Roby
Leon Gothard Howard A. Roby
Arvel E. Gregg Rupert A. Sims
Linder D. Hagains Hershel P. Smith
George N. Hart Chester V. Sudduth
Forest C. Haynes Raymond L. Thornton
Lonnie H. Hopwood George M. Tilson
Robert W. Johnson Jesse B. Trammell
Thomas D. Jones Junior A. Trammell
Ronald W. Lewis Curtis O. Valentine

Alta Whitlock

Submitted by Laura Calvin

Military Records of Henderson County TX