Tindel Letter 1880, Henderson Co., TX

Old Letter, Friendship 1880 Henderson Co., TX


Friendship July 2nd 1880
Mr Day
Dear Sir
I write this hoping to
disabuse your mind of any idea you may
entertain that I would uphold a large
scholar in abusing a smaller one.
Your little boy came to the house just
before I took in school yesterday after dinner
and told me that Lonzo Tindel struck
him on the eye with his fist. I told
him I could’nt help it thinking that
they [smudge] were playing and Lonzo being
such a small boy was the reason why
I made such a remark as I did.
When I took up school I inquired
into the matter and found that your
boy and Jimmie Tindel were scuffling
when you boy was hurt, from what I
could find out they were not fighting.
Jimmie Tindel said that Lonzo hit
your boy. I asked the large boys
if they saw it. some of them answered
that they did’nt. Others did’nt answer.
Jay Robbins and John Taylor did’nt
answer. As both your boy and Jim
Tindel said that Lonzo did the striking
I let the matter drop by telling Lonzo
if he did so again I would whip him.

p 2
After you left this morning I inquired
into the matter again and found that
J.J. Robbins and John Tindel were the
only large boys that [saw] the boys scuffling
so I asked J.J. Robbins to tell me all
about it. He said that your boy and
Lonzo were playing and got mad and
Jimmie Tindel took it up and Jay said
they looked very much like they were fighting
although they both said they were not.
I suppose they thought if they acknowledged
that they were fighting they would get
a whipping.
J. J. Robbins said that John
Tindel was sitting by a tree with his
back rather turned to the boys while
fighting. he also says that John never
said a word to either of the boys. all
the little boys that saw it say that John
never said a word. I am very sorry
that this thing has come up and will
do all I can to prevent a similar oc-
currence in future. I would defend
your boy as soon as any other. in
fact if it had been my brother in his
place I would not have noticed it.
R.P. Wilbanks

Lonzo Tindel was my grandfather, born in 1874 in Henderson, Texas, son of Seaborn F. and L. Josephine. He would have been 6 at the time of the letter. I am not sure where "Friendship" was, but the Seaborn F. Tindel family was living on the property between New Hope and Leagueville (still owned by B. T. Tindel).

The Jimmie Tindel referred to might have been James Bolen Tindel (born in 1873) son of Henry Clay Tindel. I am not sure who "John Tindel" would have been. The only John that I know of would have been John Bell born in 1860 and that seems rather old to be in school. But John was a popular name in the Tindel family and there were lots of them around in that area.

Submitted by Kay Tindel

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