Letter #4 from Sarah "Sally" Willis Stirman 1858, Henderson Co., TX

Letter #4 from Sarah "Sally" Willis Stirman 1858

August 4 (1858)

Dear Sarah.  Your kind letter came to hand the day of the Election. I was
pleased to hear you were well and doing well. We have had tight ______ in
our country this year______________to each other if one has two meals to
divide with his neighbor. We never suffered for bread. The boys went to
Shreveport and got_________ at five and _______flower is at the present very
plentiful and corn crops are but middling.  We had a_______ of very
dry_______. We should learn to be____  I have put off writing longer then I
intended. I have stayed with Mason's wife since the middle of March on the
twenty sixth of that month she gave birth to a daughter. She has been good
part of the ___ since we hardly expected her to live. She now appears like
recovering we have had some other sickness among us but all are well at this
time we have a great Dr among us our Brother Kew____ he seldom ever______
his patience more than one fever after he goes He is turning the country
upside down as _____matters____preaches for us when his practice will allow
of it he and Edwin is talking of visiting Lamar this fall if circumstances
will admit them Edwin is riding preaching and Baptising almost every meting
meting before last here he immersed five the last meting seven we expect to
meet again____-day before the last____lords day in this month  I hope that
there will be more at that will bee added to the church tell Mary Sixton
Wolf wife and oldest daughter are of the number. Also tell her Sarah and
Emmerine were at ___Masons ______ they were all well they thought their
children were taking the hooping Cough they are all complaining and
wondering why you don't write__________ Clark and ____Mother talked of going
to see you this first September He is fearful they won't go oweing to their
cotton crops  if they____ I expect to go with them. Tell
Mary_________letters and received no answer I am tired and  _______ so I
will stop. Give my best regards to Mr Skidmore and Mat and Pop and all the
children I hope I my see them some time farwell for a while Your Mother

Sarah Stirman

Transcribed as best as possible from a photocopy. Spelling and punctuation
have not been changed.
Angela Jewell

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