Letter #2 from Sally Stirman to her daughter Sarah George Skidmore, Henderson Co., TX

Letter from Sally Stirman to her daughter Sarah George Skidmore in
Lamar County:

June 25 1854

Dear Sarah  I some time since received your welcome letter and as I had just
started one to you I did not write sooner. You requested me to inform you if
I knew anything of (Ed)win. Valentine received a letter from him too months
past. He stated in it he expected to be in Texas in may.  (Kellen) Fry was
to see us us in Apil he was to return in May but has not returned yet which
was he was here he expected to remain in this part of the country till
August. Winfield expects to bee at your house about the tenth of July you
ask me if I never expect to come to that part again Sarah it is in____ for
me to undertake to tell you how anxious I am to see you and them lovely
little (pralers?). after this year closes I will try to av___ my Self of
some opportunity of going if yours don't come to see us. Tell Mr Skidmore I
think a ride into Henderson would not injure him much mite bee to his
advantage I know we have the advantage as to health our _____look well and
great prospects for most I hear of no Sickness for the country Wm ____
family expects to visit Lamar in September my health is better than when you
saw me last Juliza is quite feeble and very lean ____ Clark has sold out for
twenty  five hundred and sixty dollars. I know not where he will go Will
Bucher and (Pop) is living with Jordan Elizabeth's health is good Henryettah
is very large shes walking and talking some the children are all fine and
fat this is a fine country for children I must stop my hand trembles so I
can hardly write at all  I want to procure us some lilly and pink sud and
any other you _____ think we would like to have   no more at preasant I am
as ever your affectionate Mother  Sarah Stirman
Transcribed as best as possible from a photocopy. Spelling and punctuation
have not been changed.
Angela Jewell

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