Malachiah Reeves Civil War Letter 1861 Henderson Co., TX

Manassas, Virginia                                                                                                           August 25, 1861


Dear Uncle,

I take my seat thus to write you a few lines and to let you know how I am getting along.

We arrived at Richmond on the 16th of August and remained their two days at which time we were ordered by Col. Wigfall to move on, I suppose, about 100 miles north of Richmond and 8 miles north of Manassas.  We remained there 3 days and then moved back two miles south of Manassas where we yet remain though I don’t know how long we will remain here for the picket guards are taking a little crack every day, I suppose.  I here from them every day out here about Fairfax, 12 miles from this place.  I expect there will be a fight out there some time before long.

            Uncle The’ I have not much news.  I expect you hear more than I do for we are bound so tight that we do not have the chance to enquier into the thing though I do not think we will have to stay here long, though, because old Lincoln says.  I suppose that he is a going to fast and pray a while and then give us one more riffle and let that decide the thing and if that be the case you know it is a dead thing for I saw some of the men that were in the battle of Manassas and they say that there was two or three of there Regiments fighting against one of ours all the time and then they didn’t give us half a fight. 

Uncle The’, you must excuse me for not writing sooner for I could not get paper sooner to write on, though I struck a streak of luck today and got one sheet which I tore in two and wrote Elizabeth a line or two on one piece and you on the other.  I have not got enough to write to Uncle George so I want you to write to him for me and tell him how I am getting along and send my best respects to him and the family.  Give my respects to Aunt Avitty(?) and Aunt Elizabeth and the family and receive a long portion to yourself. 

I have a tolerable hard time you know but I expected to find that when I started.

We have plenty to eat up here, such as flower, rice, Irish potatoes, molasses, pork, bacon, beef and shugar and coffee.  We suffer mostly from cold.  It is almost cold enough for frost here.  You know that don’t go so very well with us Texas boys in August!

Be sure to write to Uncle George for me.  I am sorry that I have not paper enough to write to him.  I have nothing more to say of importance so I will close by excusing myself ---your own nephew.

Yours truly,

Malichiah Reeves

Transcribed by Rick Featherston (great grandson) from a copy of the original hand written letter.

Malichiah Reeves was a private in the 1st Texas Regiment of Hood’s Brigade, Company I.


The 1st Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) was fought on July 21, 1861

The 2nd Battle of Manassas was fought on August 29-30, 1862.

--------- Both were Confederate victories.

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