Some Killings 1882 - 1933 Henderson Co., TX

August 12 1882

A DALLAS (Tex.) dispatch of August 7th says; A band of young men, well connected in Henderson county for several weeks past have been committing lawless acts and plundering stores in the town of Athens. On Friday the leader was captured and jailed, but that night his companions overpowered the jailor and released him. The whole party then fled to the country, where they ravished the daughter of a respectable planter. Yesterday the gang was overhauled on Red river by two posses of citizens and the leader of the band, named Alex Cox, was shot and killed, and Joe Stephens and Bill Brooks, members of the gang, were captured and a number of stolen horses recovered. Cox was a noted desperado and is said had killed a half dozen or more men.

The Dallas Morning News
Oct 31 1898
Henderson County Tragedy.

Athens, Henderson Co., Tex., Oct. 30 -- Tom
, colored, was shot and killed near this
town last night. Joe Griffin, colored, surrendered
to the sheriff this morning.

The Dallas Morning News
June 4 1901
Killing in Henderson County

Kemp, Tex., June 3 -- A man named Barber was
killed five miles south of Mabank, in Henderson
County, last night. No particulars as to the
cause of the tragedy. No arrest, but the officers
are on the trail of the homicide.

The Dallas Morning News
Aug 11 1901
Shooting Near Aley.

Kemp, Tex., Aug 10 -- A Dr. Henderson was shot late this afternoon two miles west of Aley. He is dangerously wounded. Boss Roberson, his brother-in-law, is in custody.

The Dallas Morning News.
Jan. 30 1904
Tragedy Near Malakoff

Malakoff, Tex., Jan. 23 -- D Thomas, a citizen of
the Trans-Cedar section, ten miles west of here,
was shot and killed last night.

John Thomas, a youth of 17 years and son of
deceased, was placed under arrest.

The Dallas Morning News.
Nov 2 1905

Col. Lawrence Is Dead and His Son Is Under Arrest.

Comanche, Tex., Nov 1 -- Col. Lawrence was shot and instantly killed about twelve miles southeast of here yesterday afternoon and his son, Frank Lawrence, age 30, has been arrested. The father and son, with their families, were moving from Henderson County to San Angelo, when, it is said a quarrel arose at which time the father, according to the son's statement, attacked him with a knife.

The Dallas Morning News
Oct 13 1907

Athens, Tex., Sept. 11 -- The Henderson County Grand Jury has returned an indictment charging M J Derden with murder in the case of John Mitcham, who was killed at Malakoff recently.

J D Seaman and Marcus Seaman were indicted for murder in the case of Bert Garland, who was killed near Athens recently. All three have been admitted to bail in the sum of $5,000 each.

The Dallas Morning News
February 15, 1910
Killed by Train

Comanche, Tex., Feb 14 -- The northbound
Frisco train this morning at the street crossing of
the Brownwood road struck and killed Ed Skinner
slightly injuring his companion, Will Ludley, and
killing a mule and demolishing the wagon in
which they were coming to town.

Mr. Skinner had only recently moved here from
Henderson County, and was farming west of
Comanche. He was about 45 years old, and
leaves his widow and four children. The wagon
was driven directly in front of the moving train, it is
supposed that the high wind prevailing
prevented them from hearing the train approach
until too late.

Mr. Skinner's body was buried by the Woodman
of the World.

The Dallas Morning News
Nov 15 1912
Henderson County Farmer Killed.

Kemp, Tex., Nov 14 -- At Porter's Bluff,
Henderson County, J P McGapan was shot and
killed this afternoon. McGapan was a tenant.
No other particulars of the shooting have been

The Dallas Morning News
July 23 1933

Roadside Stand Operator Killed; Negro Is Sought
Malakoff Man Dies in Shooting Affray on Highway No. 31.

ATHENS, Texas, July 22 -- Johnnie Schneck, 45, operator of a roadside stand on Highway 31 near Malakoff, was killed and Bobby George, negro, was being sought by officers of Henderson and Navarro Counties as a result of a shooting at the negro's cabin three-fourths of a mile northwest of Schneck's place Friday night.

Schneck was struck by a bullet from a pistol and died in three minutes. The negro was believed to have been dangerously wounded by three charges from a shotgun in the hands of Howell Spicer. Schneck's companion, who fired into the negro shanty after Schneck had dropped to the ground mortally wounded.

The negro disappeared after the shooting and had not been apprehended late Saturday afternoon. Polls of blood in the cabin indicated the negro had been wounded. Spicer was placed in the Henderson County jail by Sheriff Jess Sweeten. He told the Sheriff he and Schneck had gone to the negro's house to question him about some beer which the negro is alleged to have stolen from Schneck's roadside stand nearby. He said as they knocked on the door the negro opened and fired one shot.

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