Holdup at Athens Oct. 10 1903
The Dallas Morning News
Oct 10, 1903


Railroad Man Says Two Men Relieved
Him of Money.

Athens, Tex., Oct 16 -- This morning
about 3 o'clock A H Hauptoogel, a
railway employee, was held up at the point
of a revolver, near the Cotton Belt depot,
by two young men. He was relieved of

Mr. Hauptoogel's story is as follows: "I
was walking along between the corner
of the Cotton Belt depot and the track,
when I was approached by two men and
ordered to hand over $5 as a fine. The
men were representing themselves as
officers. I gave them $5 and went on my
way toward the boarding car. I am
working the Cotton Belt Railway bridge
gang. I had gone but a short distance
when the same two men came running
after me and demanded $25. One of
them pulled a gun on me. I went down
in my pocket and gave him $25 and
some 40 or 60 over. I had
but $2 or $3 left in my pocket. I did not
know either one of them. When I was
held up for my money I could not tell
either face of the men who did the job, as
it was pitch-dark." An arrest has been
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