Texas Desperado Loses His Life Henderson Co., Texas
Detroit Free Press
Dec. 22, 1884
A Texas Desporado Gets Too Previoius and Loses His Life.

ATHENS, TEX., December 20. -- At a dance held ten miles north of Athens last night a deperado named Gracy was killed and John Browning, a young farmer, soriously wounded. Gracy precipitated the difficulty by drawing pistols and declaring if the dance was not run to suit him he would kill the whole crowd.

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Democrat and Chronicle
Rochester, New York
Dec. 22, 1884
Desperado Killed at a Dance
ATHENS, TEX., Dec. 21. -- At a dance here last night a desperado named Gracey was killed and John Browning a farmer, seriously wounded. Gracey precipitated the difficulty by drawing his pistol and declaring that if the dance were not run to suit him he would kill the whole crowd.
Decatur Daily Republican
Decatur, Illinois
Dec 23, 1884
She Didn't Dance With Him
ATHENS, TEX., December 22. -- At a dance ten miles north of this county, one Gracy, a desperado, was killed. A young lady refused to dance with him, when he replied that she must dance with him. Her escort interfered. Gracy struck him and then drew his pistol and made the remark "if this thing is not run to suit me, I'll kill the whole crowd. About this time the crowd began firing, completely riddling
Gracy with bullets. Gracy fired one shot, however, which badly wounded Browning, who led the crowd, but he is still alive, and it is thought will recover.

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