Die Resisting ArrestTwo Shot by a Posse While They Were Attacking the Marshal

Die Resisting Arrest
Two Shot by a Posse While They Were Attacking the Marshal

Ft Worth Star Telgram
April 5 1904

Athens, Texas
April 5 1904
Last night Marshal Wofford was notified of a row down in the home of the Herrings in this place and he summoned such assistance as he deemed necessary and went down to quell the trouble. On arriving at the house he demanded the surrender of the Herrings, whereupon one of them attempted to use his revolver, which was taken away from him at once. One of the Herrings knocked the marshal down and then they (the Herrings) grabbed a shotgun and Winchester and began shooting and instantly those accompanying the marshal returned the fire which resulted in the death of Walter and Jim Herring. This occured almost in the twinkling of an eye and before the marshal had fully regained his footing. The marshal sustained a considerable bruise on the face under the left eye, but was not otherwise hurt.

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