Tax Sale 1885, Henderson Co., TX


The Athenian Newspaper
Saturday June 20, 1885 Vol. 2 Number 36


     By virture of the Tax Rolls of Henderson County for the 
year A. D., 1884, and in accordance with the statute in such 
cases made and provided, I have levied on and will sell at
public outcry, before the court house door, in the town of
Athens, Henderson county, Texas, to the highest bidder
for cash, on the first Tuesday in July, 1885, within the 
hours proscribed by law, and on each succeeding day
until the sales are completed; the following described 
lands, town lots, etc., situated in the county of Henderson, 
the State of Texas; or as much there of as will be sufficient
to pay off and satisfy the unpaid Taxes due thereon for the
year 1884, together with all the cost accruing thereon.
     The owners of said real estate having made default in
payment of the taxes due thereon for the year A.D. 1884, 
prior to the first day of March, 1885.
        Sheriff and Collector, Henderson, Co., Texas.
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Just click on the names, there are 6 groups of names.



Allen, Anderson, Antle, Bacon, Baldwin, Bateman, Beason, Berry, Bethell, Bowels, Bowman, Box, Boyd, Bradley, Brewet, Brown, Bullock, Cairo, Campbell, Carden, Cardover, Carter, Cavitt, Chaddick, Chambers, Cobbin, Colter, Cook, Coyner, Cummings, Cummings, Dabney, Davis, Davis, Demoval, Dunn, Dunnington, Dyke, Edwards, Ethridge, Evans, Farris, Farris, Faulk, Fogerty, Frizzell, Fuller, Fulton, Garcia, Garcia, Gardner, Gardner, Gauntt, Godwin, Goodgame, Gore, Guiton, Guthrie, Hall, Harden, Helms, Henry, Hickman, Howard, Howeth, Hughes, Huntt, Irvin, Jones, Ligon, Ligon, Lindsey, Loop, Mancha, Martinez, McCall, Mitchell, Morgan, Noriain, Parmer, Rankins, Richardson, Roberts, Robinson, Scott, Shelton, Shirley, Stirman, Sylvester, Walls, Walript, Walters, Walters, Waters, Weis, Williams, York


Albright, ,Angim, Ashmore, Bacon, Benge, Boon, Box, Boyall, (maybe Royall) Burns, Cole, Cordova, Eastep, Evans, Gainer, Goshen, Green, Hanks, Harden, Harrison, Helms, Henry, Hickman, Holman, Howard, Howeth, Huffer, Huntt, Jackson, Jaggers, Jeter, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Keener, King, Knight, Lawson, Lee, Lewis, Ligon, Loop, Manion, Marshal, Martenze, Martin, Mauldin, Mayon, McBride, McNeese, McWilliams, Miller, Mitcham, Moore, Morrison, Murchison, Narshal, Neff, Neil, Nordain, Nutting, Olson, Pannell, Parmer, Pate, Pearson, Perkins, Pickett, Pippin, Price, Pryor, Reagor, Reeves, Relves, Reynolds, Richardson, Richie, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Ross, Scott, Seiman, Skelton, Smith, , Spivey, Stephens, Stewart, Stirman, , Strong, Thomas, Thorn, Thresher, Tinkle, Tomlinson, Trout, Truitt, Tuurlilngton, Walters, Weis, Weiss, Wilson, Wolf


Acosta, Amour, Brown, Brownsboro, Helms, Hester, Hunter, Lacb, Lindsey, Marshal, McBride, Ratcliff, Russell, Stroud, Thomas, Tindel, Walker, Walters, Washburn, Weir, Whitehorn, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wise, Young



Adrich, Allen, Anglin, Ashmon, Baltons, Batwood, Beeson, Befry, Benge, Bensen, Box, Branch, Braodus, Brown, Cairo, Carter, Cheers, Clark, Coggin, Darden, Dunn, Eallan, Fogger, Francher, Fulton, Furgurson, Garcia, Gonzalis, Greer, Gross, Hall, Halton, Hampton, Harrison, Haynie, Helms, Henry, Hickman, Holland, Hudleston, Hughes, Ingle, Irvine, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Killingsworth, Knight, Lacy, Lee, Leopard, Lindsey, Loggins, Lowe, M?ezo, Malone, Marshal, Martineze, McCain, McKell, Merchant, Merchant, Mitchell, Moss, Neill, Oliphan, Presley, Renfro, Thompkins, Unknown, Whitehead, Wofford



Antle, Baws, Black, Burdett, Burnett, Chambers, Chears, Childers, Childs, Cooley, Cooper, Croft, Donagan, Flanigan, Fuller, Green, Greer, Griffith, Hancock, Hawkins, Hoad, Jeffries, Jordan, Kidd, Lewis, Martineze, Neill, Oliphant, Pace, Patterson, Pearsons, Perkins, Plug, Pruitt, Ratcliff, Robert, Ross, Rrice,(could be Price) Rushing, Sanders, Scott, Shaffit, (could be Shifflet) Sharp, Shelton, Shelton, Smith, Smothers, Spencer, Stokes, Sullivan, Thomas, Thompson, Tomlinson, Vivion, Watts, Whaley, Whitney, Williams, Williamson, Witter, Yybarbo (could be Yarbaro)



Adison, Adrich, Albright, Albright, Allen, Alpand, Anglin, Armour, Arnest, Asums, Atwood, Benge, Bottoms, Bouders, Box, Brown, Buford, Burton, Caldron, Cavitt, Cherry, Clark, Cond, Copps, Cordover, Cozinora, Fulton, Furgerson, Gidon, Goddard, Gresham, Hamlett, Helms, Holman, Huddleston, James, Joflin, Johnson, Johnson, King, Knight, Lamb, Langham, Lawson, Lenox, Levy, Lewis, Lilly, Love, Malone, Martin, Matthews, Mauchie, McComb, McDougal, McElheny, Menx, Miller, Mitcham, Mitchel, Neill, Nervill, Norvill, Oliphant, Parker, Parmer, Phelps, Price, Rankin, Sally, Sampson, Sanders, Smith, Sublit, Tabor, Talkington, (could be Tarkington)Tarmer, Tomlinson, Underwood, Waldrip, Walters, Weiss, Westlake, Whatley, White, Wilson, Wreay, Youngblood, Yybarbo

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