Land Transfers 1901 Henderson Co. TX

Athens Weekly Review, Feb. 8, 1901


Land Transfers

T F Murchison to R F Yantis
Scot Amer Mtg Co to K Richardson
J W Jackson and wife to Martha W Kendrick
W D Irvine to F M Forrester
Scot Amer Mtg Co, Ltd to Tom Fitzgerald
W C Scott to W H Bruce
W B Payne to H L Flagg
J H Walford to Chas Ganett
W T Carroll to J B Mills
M H Gossett to A C Varner
M H Gossett to J L Brightwell
A O Hart to W H Bruce
W J Loper to A L Reynolds
O H Coleman to Mrs M B Sims
Mary I Melton to J B Walker
J H Reagan to Mrs N J Neuroth
Mrs L T Layton, et al, to W I Moore
W I Morrow to R C Bristow
J H Walford to R P Wofford
E P Miller to R P Wofford
Mary A Tullis, et al, to W P Boyd
Wm Holley to J C & G M Barnett
J W Jenkins and wife to Sarah Rogers
H A & Ella Wise to H L Flagg
J S Terry and wife to M Tidmore
W J Loper and wife to R T Turner
W W Royall and wife to J M Royall
G McElhaney and wife to W R Day
M Tidmore and wife to S J Scott
Maria Lindsay to Isaac Laymance
Bob Morrison, et al, to S P Ware
Elizabeth Washburn to Wm Earnest
J H Silliman to J C Silliman, et al.
J C & Jno. C Silliman to E P Miller
State of Texas to T J Taylor
__ A Noble and wife to W C Bennet
___Godwin and wife to E C Godwin

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