Estate of James A. Goodgame, Henderson Co. TX
Estate of James A. Goodgame
Dec'd and his Surviving wife
To } application for appraiser to 
Inventory Community Estate
Filed August 30, 69 
Co Clk. H.Co.
Recorded April 30th 1873, 
Book II page 122
Jeff E. Thompson
Clk DC. H. Co.
By M. E. Richardson
The State of Texas
County of Henderson
In County Court pertaining to Estates of deceased persons July Term 1869
To Hon. H. E. Calahan County Judge of Henderson County.
     Your petitioner Margaret E. Goodgame, a citzen of the state and county afore said 
respectfully represents that on the 23rd day of June A.D. 1869 James A. Goodgame departed 
this life at his home in said county, and that petitioner is his surviving wife.
     Petitioner further represents unto your Honor. That the said James A. Goodgame had, 
living at the time of his decease, the following named children John F. Goodgame, Huldah E.
Goodgame Albert J. Goodgame Magarett E. Goodgame James R. Goodgame Bee Allen 
Goodgame heirs of dec'd and petitioner.  Petitioner further represents that there is a community
estate on hands of the estimated value of $Two Thousand nine hundred and ten 08/100 dollars.
That the same or portions of it is subject to waste (?) That, petitioner asks your Honor to appoint
John W. Ballow Wm G Price and  Oliver Scott citizens of said County, Commissioners to Inventory
& appraise the said Community Estate under the provisions of the statute in such case made & 
provided, and that said Inventory be recorde and that petitioner take charge of & manage said
community Estate in all respects, and as in duty bound shall ever ?
M. E. Goodgame
Surviving wife of 
J. A. Goodgame
Community Estate of Jas. A. Goodgame
dec'd & M. E. Goodgame 
his Survining Wife
To} Inventory & apparisment
Filed in open 
court August
30th 1869
J. M. Stirman
Co . Clk. H. Co.
Recorded April 30th
1873 Book II page 122, 123,
& 124 & 125
Jeff E. Thompson
Clk. C. C. H. C.
By M. E. Richardson
The State of Texas
County of Henderson
Personally appeared before me a Justice of the pease in and for the County of Henderson.
Margaret E. Goodgame Surviving wife of James A. Goodgame Dec'd of said County, who after 
being duly swork says that the above and foregoing is a full and correct list of all the community
property owned and possessed by them at the time of his Decease
					Margarett E. Goodgame
     Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 24th day of Aug. A.D. 1869
					J. H. Skinner
					J. P. H. CO. Prc No(1)
 The within Inventory Examined once approved Augst 30th 1869
					H. E. Calahan
					Co Jdg. H. Co.
State of Texas
County of Henderson
To the Honorable Probate Court of Said Henderson County,
We the undersigned appointed by your honor, as appraiser of the Estate of Jas. A. Goodgame 
Dec'd of said County Herewith by lea? to submit the following Inventory and appraisment of Said
estate at Specie? valuation  (To Wit)
Merchandise     		(986.09)=		$986.09
One Wagon						80.00
Two Coy Chairs					5.00
One grind Stone					2.50
Four yoke Oxen					200.00
Sixty Three head stock cattle			220.00
Two Beef Steers					20.00
Three Ox Bulls						5.00
Fifty Three head hogs				106.00
Household & Kitchen furniture			113.90
Two Saddles						15.50
Carpenters Tools					 5.00
Farming tools						12.00
One Navy pistol					12.00
One hundred & fifty pounds of bacon 	15.00
One hundred Bushells Corn			75.00
One L___ I___ Axles?				24.86
			(1898.85)-				$1898.85
Addional Merchandise				75.00
Open Accounts
Mrs. Rebecca Robertson				.62 1/2
John A. Goodgame					88.14
Daniel Holeman					10.75
T. D. Kimbrough					47.09
Andrew Boyd						24.72
Wm. Shelton						28.30
Margarett Martin					22.78
James Hannah						5.90
T. B. Price						8.54
Col. Sealy						.24
W. C. Rogers						10.07
John Hannah						39.00
A. J. Pickering						46.93
James Todd						2.00
R. A. Bearden						2.33 
John Martin						23.57
Oliver Scott						2.20
William Jackson					.65
Jane Hannah						22.21
Jesse Todd						40.12
W. G. Price						25.60
James Taylor						8.07
I. D. Owen						70.62
Thos. Allison						1.25
Frank Allen						19.10
Rebecca Kimbrough				2.70
Lyons							12.12
J. V. Shelton						26.60
Mrs. Turner						1.00
Richmond						6.28
Miss Amanda Todd					1.67
May ? Hodge						1.95
J. H. Lee?						6.50
John A. Haud						4.65
M. M. Clark						13.65
John Lewis						43.56
Joseph Price						3.55
Nelson Bell						.50
Isaac Martin						27.75
Mrs. Hennington					1.34
___ Scott							5.70
Mrs. Beard						6.00
A. B. Gill							15.00
Mrs. Sullivan						3.05
Samuel Allen						4.45
Andrew T. Miller					23.63
One Note on O. Scott, Due 25th Dec. 1869  	33.75
Do     Do   Do I. D. Owen Do 1st Nov. 1869   	50.00
Three hundred and Twenty Acres (320)	 	36.00
H. A. J.J. Shelton
Money on hand	(gold)?				39.65
Gold in Galveston per ofc. with J. C. & S. _ Smith & Co. 157.80
Improvements on homestead 				$400.00
H. R. of Santos Sylvester					$633.45
Scribed & sworn to before me this 30th day of August A. D. 1869
H. E. Calahan 
Co. Jdg. H. Co.			
			J. W. Ballow
			Wm G. Price
			Oliver Scott

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