Commissioner's Court Records 1870 to 1900 Henderson County Texas

Excerpts from Commissioner’s Court Record

Book D 1870 to 1876

Page 284 Feb. 1, 1871

It is ordered by the court that W. H. BALLARD repair the ground floor of the County Jail as torn up and damaged by the HAAS and BLACKELL prisoners recently for the sum of 20 cents per lb. for the iron actually needfully and necessary to make the same safe, and additional sum of $5.00 for securely bolting down the bars of iron and replacing the earth, rock, and etc. as displaced, in a workmanlike manner.

Page 493 Dec. 18, 1874 I

t is ordered by the court that J. C. GOODGAME, J. N. McDONALD and James ARNETT be appointed a committee t advertise, let out, and contract for the removal and rebuilding of the County Jail according to the specifications following. The jail to be removed and rebuilt in the Courthouse yard and all decaying or objectionable timbers replenished.

Aug. 14, 1879

Ordered by the court that M. E. RICHARDSON is authorized to cut down and use the old Post Oak tree standing in Canton Street and at the SE corner of Block #18 and that he appropriate the same to his own use without charge to the county.

May 15, 1879

Ordered by the court that J. M. PICKENS be allowed the sum of fifteen dollars and twenty five cents for work done on the Courtyard fence, and for lumber, nails and other materials used in repairing said fence.

Nov. 15, 1879

Saturday morning It is ordered by the Court that County Agent have the fence around the Courthouse yard tacked up and notices posted up all around to prevent persons from hitching horses to said fence.

Jan. 1880

Its is ordered by the court that the Southwest room of the Courthouse be assigned to John W. JENNINGS, County attorney and B. F. McCLUISTON, Justice of the Peace.

Commissioner’s Court Book C-2

Page 168 Nov. 13, 1877

Ordered by the court that the Sheriff, William DAVIS and the County Clerk, J. B. BISHOP be and they are hereby appointed a committee to have the County Jail repaired by filling up the break therein made by the prisoners recently escaped. Therefore that they have said repairing done in workmanlike manner and report at the next term of this court.

Commissioner’s Court Book E

May 14, 1888

It is ordered by the court that the contract for the building of the fence around the Henderson County Jail be awarded to J. R. DARNELL on his bid of 50 cents for each 8 ft. length and $1.00 for each gate or set of gates, work to be well done.

Commissioner’s Court Book D

Page 471 July term of court 1874

Henderson County, State of Texas paid the sum of $200 for the bridge now known as the John A. THORPE toll bridge, for which the said THORPE is to relinquish all his rights and claims to said bridge upon the payment of said $200 to said THORPE. Said money to be paid out of the county road fund, for which order to the County Treasurer shall issue.

It is ordered by the Court that the county be divided into Justice Precincts Number one beginning on the East boundary line of the Jose S. MANCHA League at the point where Van Zandt County Southern boundary line crossing said East boundary line. Thence South with said East boundary line to the N. E. corner of the Elizabeth WASHBURNE League. Thence West to Brian Creek, thence South with the meanders of said Brian Creek to the North boundary line of the William D. RATLIFF League at the point where Clear Creek crosses said League, thence West to the NW corner of the said RATLIFF League to the SW corner of the IRVINE League, thence South Precincts 2, 3, and 4 recorded on page 472 and 473

Page 476 July 3, 1874 Term of Court

It is ordered by the court that a poll tax of one dollar ($1.00) be levied and the same is hereby levied for road purposes, upon all males between the ages of 21 years and 60 years by an order of the Comptroller.

June 12, 1888

It is ordered by the Court, of Mr. MOODY for the cleaning out the well in courtyard in the sum of $2.00.

March 13, 1889

It is ordered by the County Judge J. R. BLADE be appointed to let the contract for removing garbage from jail to lowest bidder.

Oct. 15, 1890

H. SHIRK was paid 50 cents for repairing the jail well pump.

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