Courthouse Doings Sept. 27, 1928, Henderson Co., TX

Athens Weekly Review
Thursday, Sept. 27, 1928


Marriage License
Ollie Cantrell and Beatrice Shaver
Edgar Murry and Effie Spurlock
Leonard Molder and Reta Tomlinson
Ottis Hosch and Louise Holmes

Oil and Gas Leases
Joseph Stumpf to Atlantic Oil Production Co., 100 acres in M. M. Ferguson survey, $300
J. C. Hudgins to I. P. LaRue, 79 1/2 acres in F. C. Broadcus survey, $200

Assignment of Oil Leases and Royalty Deeds
J. E. Kirkpatrick to G. U. Browning 100 acres in R. C. Morris survey.
G. U. Browning to I. P. LaRue, 100 acres in R. C. Morris survey.
I. P. LaRue to Texas Co., 100 acres in R. C. Morris survey.
I. P. LaRue to Texas Co., 80 acres in A. J. McDonald survey.
C. W. Dunn et al to Will Thompson 55 1/2 acres in F. Brown survey, $10.
H. L. Parsons to Gulf Production Co., 125 1/2 acres in Jno. Muchison et al survey.
H. I. Parsons to Gulf Production Co., 198 acres in T. Pugh et al survey.
G. C. Foster to Frankie Taylor, 12 acres in I. W. Burton survey, $1.
G. C. Foster to Walter A. Burnett, 55 acres in I. W. Burton survey, $10.
Fred E. Haynes to The Texas Co., 56 acers in A. B. Patton survey, $870.
I. P. LaRue to Gulf Production Co., 19 1/2 acres in J. K. Brown et al survey.

Warranty Deeds

Hosie T. Dodd to Mary Dodd, lot in P. Tumlinson survey, $1800.
J. B. McLeroy to H. S. Barron, 95 acres in G. Chevano survey, $3000.
J. T. Head to M. L. Lewis, lot in N. Addison survey $1000.
Alex Johnston to W. D. Owens, lot in N. Addison survey, $1000.
C. F. Loden to Macel Moody, 1 acre in J. C. Fancher survey, $75.
Mary A. Bush to Royal B. Burnett 486 acres in Anna Davis survey.
Jno. H. Edwards to E. R. Edwards, 120 acres in M. B. McKeever survey, $100.
T. J. Trotman to E. T. Kinlaw, lot in N. Addison survey, $150.
Arnold Duncan to N. M. Duncan 211 acres in M. Garcia survey, $1.

Grand Jury Suggest Better Sanitary Conditions At Court House

The old question of a "cleaner court house" was brought to the fore again
by the Henderson county grand jury which adjourned on Wednesday. The
grand jury referred to the matter as being a "deplorable, unsanitary
condition" and suggest that money be spent to remedy it. The matter has
beendebated pro and con for the past year or more.

The complete report of the grand jury as filed Wednesday is as follows:

To the Honorable Ben F. Dent, Judge of said court:

"We your Grand Jurors organized at the August Term, 1928, of the District
Court, beg to report to your honor that we have been in session six days, during
which time we have made careful investigation of all matters called to our
atention. We examined 136 witnesses, and returned 14 felony indictments,
and 2 misdemeanor indictments.

"We have visited the County Poor Farm, and find conditions there to be
good in general. the farm appears to be well kept, and the inmates seem
to be receiving proper care. However we recommended that the building
be screened against flies and mosquitoes. We also suggest that the jail
building be screened.

"Our court house we believe to be one of the best. It represents a large
investment of the people's money. At this time it is not in very good repair
and in a deplorable unsanitarycondition. It occurs to us that it would be
good economy to spend the necessary money to repair the court house,
and other county properties, with further delay, and we suggest and
recommend that it be done.

"We desire to thank those District and County Officials who have aided
us in our work, as well as Your Honor for the courtesies extended us by
the Court. And as we have concluded our labor, we now respectfully
request that we be finally discharged.
L. C. Kee, foreman
J. G. Haynes
C. T. Simmons
Tom Williford
W. P. Crews
R. E. Saxon
R. E. Skiles
M. B. Sutton
Henry McKinney
W. P. Deupree
E. R. Cade
J. C. Richardson."

Transcribed by Bunny Freeman

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