Athens Daily Review 16 Years Ago Column, Henderson Co. TX

From: "Athens Daily" Newspaper, 15 February 1917


The grand jury for the county September term of court, 1901:
Jno. H. Garrett, Athens, foreman.
Dr. Thos. M. Matthews, Athens
Edt. G. H. Harville, Athens.
V. I. Stirman, Athens.
J. W. Germany, Murchison.
J. M. Ashmore, Murchison.
Capt. R. J. Martin, Chandler.
B. C. Hall, New York.
I. A. Barton, Leagueville.
W. B. Bateman, Aley.
Lee Simpson, Mallard.
Joe Blansit, Goshen.
J. Y. Gooche of Palestine, District Judge.
J. M. Crook of Crockett, District Attorney.
J. R. Blades, District Clerk.
Wayne Meredith, County Attorney
Will Faulk, Door Bailiff

Copied by Doris Peirce <[email protected]> 8 June 2002

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