Petition to Extend Shady Grove Henderson Co. TX

Petition to Extend Shady Grove

Jan. 9, 1899

We the undersigned citizens of Henderson county, hereby,respectfully petition the Honerable Commissioners Court of Henderson County to extend the north and the south lines of the present "Shady Grove" Stock Saw district eastward to Murchison Creek, and to make said Murchison Creek the east line of said district, which will extend from the county line south to Kickapoo Creek.


S. A. Venable

M. D. L. Price

E. M. Sovell

S. J. Tapley

J. R. Green

W. C. Maxwell

S. R. Price

On the back:


M. D. L Price in of petition to exceed Shady Grove ? (can't tell what this word is) Low District

Filed Feb. 14, 1899 B. F. Warren Co. Clk.

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