Henderson County Commissioner's Court Book B
Henderson County Commissioners Court Book B

Nov 17, 1852
Ordered by the court that B. T. Higgins be and hereby appointed 
to Overseer of the Road leading from Athens in a direction of Larissa
in Cherokee County to work to residence of John C. Dunn.
List of Hands
Wm Swink		Wm Brown
Wm Gary		        Wm Holcomb
J. T. Carlisle		John Holcomb
Geo. Clark Jr.		Mr. Warrens two boys
Wm. A. Knight		Thomas Henderson
W. C. Knight		Mr. Cole
James Knight		John Gant
Marion T. Owen		Jacob Gant
S. T. Owen		James Gant

May 17, 1853

Ordered by the court that the Road leading from Athens in a
direction of Larissa in Cherokee be altered from the reviewed
rout commencing at J. B. Owens, thence with the old rout to the 
East boundary line of B. T. Higgins Survey.

June 20, 1853

Ordered and decreed by the court the following persons be appointed 
overseers of the road leading Athens on in a direction from Athens to
residence of John B. Owens, Wm. A. Knight, overseer,  to work the
following hands David A. Owens, overseer, from residence of John B.
Owens to  John C. Dunn John Grant (Gant), James Grant (Gant), and 
Joab Grant (Gant).

August Term, 1853 , August 7

Ordered and decreed by the court that the Honorable  S. T. Owen, Chief
Justice of Henderson County be allowed for his Ex Officio services for
last 12 months, the sum of $50, for services rendered at regular term for
last 12 months, eighteen dollars. Be it ordered and decreed that the 
Hon. Chief Justice be paid in one County script for the amount of $40, 
another calling for $28.

Feb 22, 1853
Ordered that the plan for building a County Jail be presented by
E. M. Gray, J. N. Nandarin & J. B. Owen (Comm. App. by the County)

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Summer 1987

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