Jury List For Sept. Term District Court Aug. 29, 1940

Jury List For September Term District Court
Athens Weekly Review August 29, 1940

Jurors for the five weeks of the September term of district court,

which opens here September 2nd, were being notified this week by
Deputy Sheriff John W. Karnes. A grand jury has also been summoned
for the term but the list of grand jurors was not made public.
List of petit jurors summoned for the five weeks of the term of court follows:

First Term Second Term
John William Lehr, Athens F. J. Stegall, Athens
Willie Jones, route 2, Kemp Aaron Kitchens, Frankston
Claude Parker, Chandler Travis Todd, Athens
G.R. Coker, Brownsboro G. W. Mitchell, Malakoff
Roy Swanson, Malakoff Fox Rowell, Athens
George Williford, Poynor O. F. Blackstock, Malakoff
S. A. Poilard, Chandler Dan Spencer, Athens
E.P. Connally, Athens R. H. Walker, Chandler
H.M. Pate, route 2, Athens C. W. Horton, Malakoff, route 1
W.E. Henry, Athens Coy Magers, Athens
Tom Avant, route 3, Kemp R. R. Dean, Brownsboro
W.F. Bonsal, Eustace D. C. Moss, Brownsboro
Ross Dixon, Athens B. A. Willingham, Cayuga, route 1
B.A. Christopher, Athens Will Smith, Frankston, route 1
H.F. Moon, Chandler Johnnie R. Harris, Malakoff
Roy Williams, Frankston T. L. Davis, Malakoff, route 1
W.C. Carrigan, Malakoff E. J. Youngblood, Athens
Frank Oliver, Malakoff J.C. Rogers, Brownsboro
Byrd Porter, Murchison C. M. Burr, Athens, route 1
Lester Barton, Malakoff J. R. Williams, Cayuga, route1
Derius January, Eustace R. W. Loper, Malakoff, route 1
Porter Morrison, Athens Oran Allen, Athens
Tom Baker, Athens M. A. Palmer, Athens, route 1
W. M. Phillips, Trinadad D. P. Corder, Athens, route 4
C.H. Ruff, route 3 Mabank C. A. Muckelroy, Athens, route 4
E. Buck, Brownsboro G. D. Nall, Chandler
Joe Davidson, Athens A. H. Abbott, Eustace
S.E. Tindel, Chandler H. E. Butler, LaRue, route 2
J.W. White, route 3, Kemp Clifford Smith, Athens
Porter Luker, Murchison William H Beard, Eustace
J. B. Stringfield, Athens M.C. Smith, Athens
B.G. Gunnels, Trinidad W. E. Knight, Athens, route 4
E. E. Roberts, Malakoff H. H. Holland, Poynor
J. A. Gordon, Athens Arthur Hudnall, LaRue, route 1
Ross Smith, route 3, Athens C. L. Gideon, Murchison
Charlie Johnson, route 3, Kemp T. N. Breedlove, Athens, route 4
J. W. Murphy, Frankston J. B. Hall, Chandler
Third Week Fourth Week
A. F. Till, Athens L L Kent, Murchison, route 3
N. J. Moseley, Mabank R R Lewis, Brownsboro
K. E. Browning, Brownsboro D B Pitts, Athens
Joe Harlin, Athens F R Litchfield, Malakoff
W. A. Allen, Malakoff Frank Holt, Malakoff, route1
Herman Cade, Chandler J L Meredith, Eustace
Tom Bradley, Trinadad A M Ashley, Malakoff, route 2
Claud Henry, Frankston, route 1 G M Wood, Athens
J. D. Adair, Chandler J W Smith, LaRue, route 2
J. D. Keys, LaRue, route 1 Tim Forester, Athens, route 4
J. H. Register, LaRue Clyde Benge, Frankston, route 1
D.H. Carson, Malakoff Charlie Combs, Trinadad
Johnnie Ellis, Athens, route 1 W E Socia, Athens, route 3
J. M. Carroll, Athens, route 1 Lee Elston, Kemp, route 2
J. L. Giles, Athens James Pippin, Mabank
J.B. Lee, Poynor Randal Andrews, Eustace
W.A. Hawn, Jr., Athens Joe Ayers, Frankston
M.B. Bacon. Jr., Frankston Albert Evans, Malakoff
W.W. Hart, Chandler C F Lane, Malakoff
E.D. Allen, Chandler, route 1 Frank Kelly, Athens
W.G. Darden, Murchison C L Tiner, Malakoff
Jack Derden, LaRue, route 1 Herman Mayo, Kemp, route 3
Paul Hartman, Kemp, route 3 Robert Tarlton, Mabank, route 2
J.H. Miller, Athens, route 4 R C Faulk Jr., Athens
J.H. Rowe, Trinadad I D Hill, Brownsboro
W.D. Thorton, Malakoff, route 1 K T Dean, Chandler
J.R. Owen, Chandler Alvis Garner, Athens
R.P. Jernigan, Athens, route2 Burnett Boyd, Brownsboro
V.W. Browning, Athens route 2 John Harrison, Chandler
W.A. Gilmore, Athens Jack Craft, Mabank
P.T. Erwin, Poynor John Dean, Athens
Hebert Bogard, LaRue, route 1 E M Forehand. Jr., Trinadad
Jerry McDonald, Frankston Ben Davis, Chandler, route 1
Frank Everett, Eustace Clyde Saunders, Poynor
C.R. Derden, Malakoff Jap Lambright, Athens, route 2
H.N. Dav, Murchison George Collins, Athens
L.E. Dunklin, LaRue, route2 W C Cornelius, Eustace
Buford J Wright, Trinadad Fred Campbell, Athens
Robert Brown, Malakoff Tom P Faulk, Jr., Athens
Geo W Black, Athens Earl Hendry, Athens, route 1

Fifth Week

Reese Hall, Malakoff J S Ball, Brownsboro
E D Boyd, Athens, route 1 Walton Garner, Poynor
Beatty Jones, Athens Leon Clay, Eustace
J R Gibson, Athens W H McKinney, Chandler
N L Graham, Eustace H F Reid, Mabank, route 2
S E Blythe, Kemp, route2 H S Arnett, Murchison
H W Williams, Eustace Allen McLain, Malakoff
Clint Boles, LaRue, route 1 Joe Lamb, Athens
H T Oliver, Athens Chester Cooper, Chandler
E W Barron, Athens, route 2 Edward Pirtle, Trinadad
J H Curry, Athens A H Walker, Athens
W R Guthrie, Murchison Cone Birdwell, Brownsboro
R L Scruggs, Athens, route 4 A F Beene, Trinadad
C J Beckham, Chandler, route 1 Ed Dorbandt, Athens
W B Knight, Brownsboro M R Howe, Malakoff
D B Scott, Murchison J O Taylor, Athens, route 4
R L Sparks, Athens, route 1 C P Johnson, Athens
Russell Fields, Malakoff, route 1 W W Little, Malakoff
A M Barnes, Athens P A Taylor, Athens

John Self, Athens

Transcribed by: Melissa A. DeHaven & Holli Boone Kees

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