First Athens City Council 1901, Henderson Co. TX

Athens Review
Athens, Texas
June 21, 1901

Brief Biographical Sketches of The Members of the Body.

The Review, this week, with an enterprise it is hoped will be appreciated by its readers, presents likenesses of our first city council. Of course, nearly all the people in Henderson county personally know these gentlemen, and pictures of them are not necessary for such; but several hundred copies of the REVIEW go out of the county, and we believed such a good-looking and intelligent body of men as our city council would be a fine advertisement for the county. Again, when these gentlemen have gone to their final home, and their descendants and strangers have taken their places, it will be a source of satisfaction to them to see the faces and read sketches of the lives of the men who first started the city of Athens on the road to a prosperous era. We had to do some very hard persuading before we could induce the gentlemen to sit for their pictures or consent for them to appear in the REVIEW; and we believe they consented more to please the editor than to gratify a laudable desire to appear in print.

Mayor J. J. Faulk is a member of one of the strongest law firms in the state, Faulk & Faulk, and his acceptance of this position at this time is a considerable sacrifice upon his part, made at the petition of a very numerously signed petition of the best men of Athens. It was an unselfish and highly patriotic act upon his part to accept, in as much as the duties this term will necessarily be many, laborious and unthankful.

Captain Faulk might be said to be almost a native Texas, being only two or three years of age when brought to Texas. He has resided in Henderson county all the time since 1854 at Austin, Texas. He has held various official positions, beginning, as nearly all great men do, with the office of school teacher. He was elected county attorney in 1878 and served one term, declining the office any longer because of its being deprived of all felony cases. He was elected to the legislature in 1880, and made a good member. In 1884 he was elected district attorney and served so efficiently in that capacity for two terms that his constituents earnestly besought him to accept another term.

He read law first with Manion & Adams, on of the strongest law firms in this part of the state. Afterwards in the office of Evans & Faulk, Mayor Faulk is a man of enlarged views, well informed upon all subjects, and especially so upon governmental questions. He is a large property holder in the city and county and his interests are identical with that of the people. He is a very conservative man, has good judgment, and we believe there is not another man in Athens that will look after her interest and that of all her people with more care than he will.

Alderman Dr. Percy Larkin was born and raised in this county and excepting a period of about three years that his father resided in Palestine, he has always resided in Henderson county. The doctor, one of the firm of Larkin & Hodge, is a leading physician of our town and does a large and lucrative practice. He is a man of fine property and is accumulating all the time. Doctor Larkin is a most genial, jovial, companionable gentleman, and a man of good judgment on any business proposition and will be an efficient member of the council. Dr. Larkin and Isadore Richardson will enliven the meetings with their wit and fun, but when a business question arises none will be more watchful than they of the people's interests.

Alderman J. I. Richardson is also a native of Henderson county. He was born and raised in Athens. His parents died when he was quite young, and his older brothers were from home in the Southern army. Mr. Richardson is a man of fine business sense as is proven by the success he has made in life in financial matters. He owns much valuable property in the city and out of it. He is the most public spirited citizen of the town. He has always been very liberal to contributing to all worthy public enterprises. Although opposed originally to incorporation, he gracefully yielded to the will of the majority, and is now willing to do all in his power to make it a success. As said above, he is witty, fond of a joke, but not to the extent of over-looking a business proposition. We believe he will be a valuable member of the council.

To sum up we believe there is not a city in Texas that has as many native citizens upon its board of aldermen. It is proper to remark that all these gentlemen accepted places on the ticket only at the petition of a large number of the best citizens of the city.

Alderman J. B. Wofford is a native of Henderson county and of one of the oldest families of this portion of
the state. He has grown up in Henderson county. He has accumulated much property and is one of the
most prominent business men of Athens. He is a man of fine business qualifications and habits and his
judgment will be invaluable in matters of moment that will come before the council. His large property
interest will give assurance of his diligent care and watchfulness for the best interest of the town. Mr.
Wofford is a very pleasant, intelligent gentleman and he will make a very efficient member of the city

Alderman Dr. B. P. Adams, one of the firm of Adams & Adams, is one of the leading business men of
Athens. Dr. Adams came to Henderson county about fifty years ago. He practiced medicine about
twenty-five years. He formerly lived in the Fincastle country and has always been an influential man in the
community where he has lived. Several years ago he embarked in the mercantile business in Athens and
has displayed the same tact and skill there that is characteristic of the man. He is a man of conservative
views upon all questions and is a most reasonable man, one who is ready to listen respectfully to the view
of others. He owns much property in town, and his good reputation for honesty and integrity together with
his individual interest make him a first class man for a position as a member of the board of alderman. His services will no doubt be invaluable to the city.

Alderman J. T. LaRue is a native of Henderson county and says he has never been out of the state. Mr.
LaRue is one of our most public spirited citizens. He is a man of fine business habits. He keeps well
posted upon current affairs both politically and industrially. He is self-sacrificing when it comes to aiding in
any public enterprise. He is conservative but is a man of much firmness in his opinions. He will, we
believe, be in favor of all needed public enterprises, but will not be extravagant. His judgment will be
invaluable upon questions of importance coming before the board of aldermen. He has good property
interest in town. He will be a very efficient member of the council. It was only by strong insistence that he
accepted the position on the ticket.

City Attorney W. R. Bishop is a native of Henderson county. He was born and raised in Athens. He is a young lawyer of promise. He is a member of the law firm of Green & Bishop. He is a young man of good habits, steady character and will no doubt, stimulated by the desire to merit the approbation of his friends be very energetic in enforcing the ordinances of the city impartially and without fear of favor.
City Marshal J. I. Wofford was born in Hunt county near the line of Fannin. He has been a citizen of Henderson county a number of years and has had much experience as a peace-officer. He served four years deputy sheriff under his father and four years under K. Richardson, ex-sheriff.

He is a man of good habits, strong physically, and with the experience he has had in such work, we believe he will make a first class officer. The people of the town can aid him very much in his work by out-spoken commendation of his efforts at maintaining order in the city and enforcing the laws of same.

Assessor and Collector Capt. W. T. Eustace might appropriately be styled the Chesterfield of the city government. He was born in Northumberland county, Va. He served in the Army of Virginia during the Civil War and was a gallant soldier. He came to Texas in 1867, settling in Henderson county and engaged in teaching for several years. He was elected district clerk in 1876 and served five years. He was next elected county clerk and served eight years. He was then elected county superintendent public education, and served one term. He then engaged in the practice of law in which he has been quite successful. He is a member of the firm of Eustace & McDonald. Capt. Eustace is quite a polished, cultured gentleman. He is very popular with the people and has a conscientious regard for a strict compliance with whatever duty commands him to do. He is very competent for the office to which he has been elected. He has also been elected by the council as city secretary, a position for which he is eminently fitted.

City Treasurer A. S. Ferrell is one of our prominent young business men of our city. He is now and has been sometime teller of the First National Bank of Athens. He is young man of good habits of good business qualifications, and will be a safe custodian of the city's funds.
City Engineer D A. Poynor whose picture we failed to get, is a man of much experience in his line. He is a civil engineer by profession and has worked for the best railroad companies of the state, the Cotton Belt and the T. & N. O. being two of them. He has held a similar position in Dallas. There is not a man anywhere better qualified than he for the position to which he was elected without being a candidate for it.

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