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Court Records
Miscellaneous Records
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  Courthouse Doings Sept. 27, 1928

Unused Part Of School Property Deeded By Court Dec. 14, 1933

Land Transfers 1901 Dimmitt Murder
Excerpts from Commissioner's Court Records1870 to 1890

Excerpts from Commissioner's Court Records Book B

Marks & Brands 1850-1860 1904 Road Crew
1901 Court Records Henderson Co. TX District Court Divorces dismissed Feb. 1901 District Court Matters Jan. 25, 1901 Petition to Extend Shady Grove
Grantee 1st Class Certificate Marks and Brands 1860 - 1870 Proceedings of Commissioners 2/22/1917 Court Matters Feb. 8, 1901
Dentist and Physicians Filed and Recorded in Henderson Co. Jury Fund May 10, 1900 Road Overseer's Return 1871 Petition To The Commissioner's Court

Athens Weekly Review Election 1910

Inventory of Property Belonging Irvin Donnell

March 8, 1917 Court Notes Estate of James A. Goodgame

Estate of Robert Hodge

Inventory of Property of T. C. Williams

Will of E. J. Knight June 22, 1892 Republic of Texas 1846 Poll List of Henderson Co. TX

Warranty Deed Cantrell

  First Athens City Council 1901

Estate of Janet Shaw McLeod Tax Sale 1885, Henderson Co., TX
Political Calendar 1890, Henderson Co., TX The Trinity Advocate Thomas Fulton Estate Notice Feb. 3, 1858 Trinity Advocate Downs & Langston Feb. 16, 1859  

Juror List of Henderson County Texas

Jury List Jan. 11, 1901

Jury List Aug 1901

Jury List 1903

Jury List September 1910

  Jury List For Sept. Term District Court Aug. 29, 1940

    Jury List 8 Jan 1951 Jury List 8 Mar 1951 Jury List Apr 1951 Jury List 11 May 1951
Jury List Jul 1951 Jury List Aug 1951 Jury List 8 Sep 1951 Jury List 15 Sep 1951 Jury List 28 Nov 1951 Jury List 10 Jun 1952
Jury List 25 Jul 1952 Jury List 8 Sep 1952 Jury List 30 Sep 1952 Jury List 4 Oct 1952 Jury List 10 Oct 1952 Jury List 23 Oct 1952
Jury List 30 Mar 1953 Jury List 5 May 1953 Jury List 10 Jul 1953 Jury List 22 Jul 1953 Jury List 31 Jul 1953 Jury List 14 Sep 1953

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