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History of the Cemetery

Submitted by:
Sheila McCalister

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Historical Marker

Antioch Cemetery 

Year marker Erected: 1984 

Marker Text: 

Located on a two-acre site purchased in 1883 by the trustees of the New Hope Methodist 
Episcopal Church from J. thomas and Oma Henry, this cemetery has long served the black 
farming community of Antioch. The earliest marked grave is that of Allen Delorah, who died 
in 1894. The cemetery contains numerous unmarked graves of early settlers and ministers. 
One of the earliest graveyards in this part of Henderson County, Antioch Cemetery is the 
burial site for many of the area's pioneers 

Photographed by Holli Boone Kees

Directions to the Cemetery

Malakoff, Henderson County Texas
Directions to Cemetery from Malakoff at Highway 31 Intersection with FM 198 take 
FM 3441 south towards Cross Roads, go 7/10 mile until you reach the Cemetery 
and Historical Marker for Antioch Cemetery. Turn right on CO RD 1300 and go 1 
and 8/10 mile to big curve. 
Cemetery is located on left hand side of road. 

Click Here to See Map to Antioch Cemetery

Cemetery surveyd by Bunny Freeman, Lucas Freeman and Holli Boone Kees 
on December 7, 2000.
Started survey at East End of Cemetery working north to south.


Row 1:
Green, Albert age 54 years
Brown, Adlade b.1881 d.1944 (homemade stone)
Parso, Gabriel Lee b.Oct 5, 1925 d. Sept 18, 1944
    (Tombstone inscripition: Rest Sweet Rest)
Noland, Nora Jul 25, 1834 Jun 19, 1926
    (Tombstone inscription: Gone but not forgotten)
    (note: on back of tombstone it reads: Call Jesse Thomas Mexia Texas Phone 562-5251)
photo provided by
Row 2:
Miller, Foreman Mar 23, 1942
    (Tombstone inscription:TX PVT 367 INF 92 DIV)
photo provided by
Dockery, Torries b.Dec 8, 1907 d. Dec 25, 1943
    (Tombstone inscription:At Rest)
2 unmarked graves

Row 3:
Jackson, Matthew born Dec 25, 1868 died May 29, 1943
   (Tombstone inscription:At Rest)
photo provided by
1 unmarked grave
Row 4:
Boytee, son of R. W. Vinson Jan 3, 1903 Aug 22, 1903
   (Tombstone inscription: not readable)
5 unmarked graves
Row 5:
Hick, Ed Husband of Maggie Oct 20, 1859 Jan 30 1912
    (Tombstone inscription:Gone but not forgotten)
photo provided by
    (note: brick stone enclosure..also 1 funeral home marker and 1 unmarked grave inside enclosure)
Row 6:
Double Stone
Granville, Lessie Feb 23, 1895 July 1, 1923
Granville, Marry July 15, 1896 Sept 29, 1922
photo provided by
1 unmarked grave
Row 7:
2 unmarked graves
Tan Holly Jan 28, 1900 Oct 11, 1918
   (Tombstone inscription:Gone but not forgotten)
photo provided by
Hollie, Peggie wife of Ben Hollie May 12, 1816 Apr 19, 1905
    (Tombstone inscription: Safetly achored in the harbor of eternal rest
Row 8:
1 unmarked grave with footstone
1 unmarked grave with brick stone
Johnson, Nathan May 31, 1885 Aug 8, 1918
    (Tombstone inscription: Private)
   (note: From the Athens Newspaper 1929...World War I Dead in Henderson County: Nathan Johnson (colored), Malakoff, Private 4th Co., 165th Depot Brigade. Died in camp August 9th, 1918.)
photo provided by
Johnson, Harriett (broken about 12 pieces stacked on top of each other).
photo provided by
Coleman, Steve 1890-1940
   (Tombstone inscription: At Rest)
Gravin, Willie E. Feb 26, 1914 June 4, 1941
    (Tombstone inscription: At Rest)
    (note: concrete enclosure with a concrete slab outlining another grave next to it.)
1 unmarked grave...field stone against fence)
Row 9:
Granville, Tomie husband of Malissa 1876 Nov 1, (unreadable)
    (note: Mason Emblem)
Row 10:
2 unmarked graves
Street, Mary June 2, 1889 Sept 8, 1965
   (Tombstone inscription: At Rest)
Street, W. D. Feb 27, 1878 Mar 30, 1937
photo provided by
   (Tombstone inscription: Gone but not forgotten)
Thompson, Mary 1841 May 1917
    (Tombstone inscription: Peaceful Rest)
photo provided by
Street, Columbus husband of Tennessee Street Nov 14, 1850 Oct 4, 1911
   (Tombstone inscription: Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God)
photo provided by
Street, Tennessee b.Jan 2, 1862 d.Sept 14, 19115
    (Tombstone inscription: A Sleeping Mother)
2 unmarked graves
Row 11:
1 unmarked grave
    (note: with red rock)
1 unmarked grave
    (note: showing only Sept and Jesus (words are unreadable)
1 unmarked grave
    (note: Footstonewith H. W. on it)
Allen, George husband of Mary Allen d. Dec 15, 1903
    (Tombstone inscription: 83 years)
photo provided by
Triple Stone Mitchell:
Mitchell, Sam 1874 1936
Mitchell, Angie 1875 1932
Mitchell, Verna 1907 1920
    (Tombstone inscription: Gone but not forgotten)
photo provided by
1 unmarked grave
Row 12:
1 unmarked grave
   (note: Footstone with brick)
Row 13:
Norris, McKinley b. April 3, 1914 d. Aug 10 1940
photo provided by
1 unmarked grave
    (note: Footstone)
1 unmarked grave
    (note: Footstone against and growing into tree with the letters G. M. on it)
Collins, b. July 4, 1861 d. Sept 14, 1936
    (Tombstone inscription: Gone but not forgotten)
Row 14:
Howard, (first name unreadable)
1 unmarked grave
    (note: Vera written on one side)
Russell, Charlotte July 3, 1856 Sept 2, 1907
    (Tombstone inscription: Meet me in Heaven)
photo provided by
Miller, Georgia May 6, 1899 Oct 1, 1930
photo provided by
5 unmarked graves
Row 15:
1 grave inaccessable
3 unmarked graves
Williams, Jessie b. Aug 2, 1868 d. Nov 12, 1933
    (Tombstone inscription: Mother...Asleep in Jesus)
photo provided by
1 unmarked grave between Williams
Williams, R. T. born 1901 died Sept 24, 1928
3 unmarked graves
Row 16:
Kirtandall, F. H. and L Parthine 1892 1930
    (Tombstone inscription: He thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life)
photo provided by
3 unmarked graves
Double Stone Holly
Holly, Jesse Mar 28 1898 June 29, 1937
Holly, C. D. May 11, 1910 Sept 16 1941
photo provided by
1 unmarked grave
Nickerson, Velma M. Sunrise: Jan 24, 1906 Sunset: Oct 26, 1943
   (Tombstone inscription: We love you Mother)
Row 17:
Redic, Rueben born Nov 15, 1902 died May 15, 1944
   (Tombstone inscription: Gone but not forgotten)
1 unmarked grave
1 unmarked grave
   (note: on stone it reads H. W. 18 years 2 1/2)
1 unmarked grave
Row 18:
Therall, Pearlie Dec 9, 1885 June 3, 1934
    (note: surrounded by numerous rose bushes)
3 unmarked graves
Row 19:
Walker, Minnie Mary Jan 20, 1875 Mar 17, 1931
    (Tombstone inscription: A tender Mother, A Faithful Friend)
   (note: up against fence on the south side of cemetery)
3 unmarked graves
Row 20:
Jackson, Herbert July 5, 1894 June 7 1932
   (Tombstone inscription: TX PVT 24th INF)
3 unmarked graves
Smothers, Infant son of James and Alice (no dates)
Hall, Bobbie born Aug 1, 1917 died Oct 14, 1942
photo provided by
1 unmarked grave
    (note: Footstone)
Double Stone Payne
Payne, Sarah Dec 2, 1878 Mar 23, 1936
    (Tombstone inscription: Mother)
Payne, Hayes A. Nov 19, 1877 Mar 23, 1935
(Tombstone inscription: Father)
Row 21:
2 unmarked graves
Row 22:
2 unmarked graves
Row 23:
2 unmarked graves
Transcribed by Bunny Freeman and Holli Boone Kees

Photos from Cemetery

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Miller, Foreman
d. Mar 23 1942
PVT TX 367 Inf 92 Div
Johnson, Nathan
May 31, 1885- Aug 8 1918
PVT 4th Co 165th Depot Brigade
Jackson, Herbert
July 5, 1894- Jun 7, 1932
PVT TX 24th Inf

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