WW 1 Patriotic Letter to the Editor written by G. T. Robinson
Athens Weekly Review
April 19, 1917
To the Review.
Please allow me space in your paper to say a few words concerning the
negro and the present crisis.
The information is being given out that the agents of the German government
are trying to mislead the colored man, especially of the South, into doing the
foolish thing of siding with the German government as against our own.  All
sensible negroes of America know it would be to the utmost folly to pursue
such a course.  Booker T. Washington said, "We are here and here to stay."
This is our own country; our fathers, by their sweat and toil helped to make
every wilderness a garden spot, and each tiem this country has become 
involved in war with a foreign foe, the American negro has gallantly shed his
blood in defense of the "Stars and Stripes."  Why should we not be true to 
the American government in this present state of war?  This is our country
by birth; we know of no other land and we should, and I believe are, willing
to defend its rights.
If this country must have war, then in obedience to the command of President
Wilson, the negro will offer his service to the country's defense.
In conclusion, I wish to call your attention especially to the bravery and 
loyalty of our own Ninth and Tenth Calvarymen during the Spanish-American
war.  We feel sure that when the call is made for volunteers, there will be 
forthcoming a sufficient number to equal our share of the burden.
There will be a patriotic meeting tonight at the A. M. E. church, near 
the compress, when others will express themselves.  Let me urge the white
citizens to come out and be with us.
Yours truly,
G. T. Robinson.

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