Dr. J.A. Edmondson Obituary, 1927, Henderson Co., TX

Athens Weekly Review
August 25,1927

Dr. J. A. Edmondson Died This Morning

Dr. J. A. Edmondson, (colored) died at 3:30 this morning following only a few days illness. His death was due to Bright's disease.
At the time of his death Dr. Edmondson was the head of Edmondson's Scientific Industrial, Agricultural College and Orphans Home of this city. He established the home about two years ago and made a strenous effort to put it on a self-sustaining basis. One building had already been erected and others were to follow as funds were secured. It was his purpose to eventually establish a home that would care for all the negro orphans of this section and at the same time teach them a gainful occupation. Some twenty or thirty students are at present inmates of the home. With his death the home will doubtless be abandoned as he had devoted his time and funds towards its establishment.
Edmondson prior to his death had gained a nation wide reputation as a healer of certain diseases and it was not uncommon for afflicted persons to come here from distant states to secure his medicine. Many white people from other sections were numbered among his patients and he had testimonials from prominent citizens declaring that his medicine had cured them.
Edmondson was far above the average negro in intellect. He was a graduate of the Washington State Universty and had diplomas from a number of other schools in the Northwestern States.

Transcribed by Laura Gregory Calvin
Typed as wriiten
January 2004

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