17 Negroes Fail to Push Bid To Enter Brownsboro School Sept. 5 1956

Training School For Negroes, Malakoff Damaged By Storm

The hail, wind and rain storm which swept through Henderson County Sunday afternoon was reported Tuesday to have caused an estimated 42,000 damage to buildings and crops at the St. Paul Industrial training School near Malakoff.
J. M. Smothers, superintendent, said that the storm, the second to strike the school in less than five years, shattered windows, damaged the roofs of buildings, destroyed crops, particularly cotton, and killed fowl and a few farm animals in the community.
The buildings were insured.
One youth, John L. White of Dallas, was slightly injured when he became frightened when the windows were shattered in one building and ran to another. He took a severe beating from the hail, and suffered a lip injury.
The school was completely destroyed by a cyclone in the latter part of December 1942. Since then, the school has been rebuilding and has become a chartered benevolent institution for Negro youth, Smothers said. He said that is the only institution of its kind in the state.
The student body is now made up of children from every large city in Texas and many smaller towns.

Athens Review
October 30 1947

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