Hemphill County Mailing List Surname Project

This list was compiled by the members of the Rootsweb Hemphill County mailing list during July 2000.
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BLAKELEY (SPOON), Iva Nell Canadian abt 1948-1967 Glenda S. Nothnagle
EATON Canadian 1900 to 1929 Freda Eaton-Lea
GUTHRIE, Charles Jackson Hemphill Co. 1890s-1896 Judy
JOHNSON, Oliver Ludwick Canadian 1887-1888 Bill Kishbaugh
JOHNSON, Alma Rebecca Canadian 1887-1888 Bill Kishbaugh
JOHNSON, LeNora Canadian 1887-1888 Bill Kishbaugh
JOHNSON, Leona Canadian 1887-1888 Bill Kishbaugh
MAYES (GUTHRIE), Sarah Jane Canadian 1890s> Judy
OLIPHANT Hemphill 1880 Walter McLendon
PHILLIPS Canadian 1900-1944 Freda Eaton-Lea
ROBERTSON, Horace Richard Canadian 1917-1991 Barbara Robertson
SPOON, Glenda F. Canadian abt 1948-1958 Glenda S. Nothnagle
SPOON, Herman J. Canadian abt 1948-1965 Glenda S. Nothnagle
SPOON, Mickey W. Canadian abt 1948-? Glenda S. Nothnagle
WALLER Canadian 1900-1910 Connie Draper
WEATHERRED Hemphill/Milam abt 1880 Walter McLendon
WILLIAMS Canadian late 1800s> Freda Eaton-Lea