Old Lebanon Church Records

History of the Old Lebanon Church and Cemetery


May 1853  Land out of the W. H. Nelson Survey, 438 acres, sold by the State of Texas to Joseph M. Hix.
September 15, 1860  Joseph M. Hix sold 438 acres "except one acre where a church house stands" to C. A. Spivey. Book I, page 360.
October 19,1872  C. A. Spivey and W. E. Anderson conveyed a tract and parcel of land containing four acres to the Methodist Episcopal Church South for the sum of $12.00 to us in hand paid. Trustees of the Church listed as: James W. Scott, M. J. Britton, J. B. C. Scott, J. P. Grace, H. B. Smith, George William's, E. R. William's, J. H. Gamblin, and J. F. Anderson. Book N, page 421/422

This deed stated "that we make a donation of the Church and School House."

In 1872/1873 a new church was built just outside the front gate of the present day cemetery. Sometime later this building was destroyed by fire, about 1879/80. The community had grown and needed a bigger and better building and a more convenient place was chosen about one mile East of this site. A new church was completed in 1884 at the new site. Land for the present day Lebanon Church was donated by John F. Anderson and J. H. Marlowe in 1881.

Rev. Iscca P. Lowery suggested the name "Lebanon" and that name was adopted.

January 21, 1895  Jay Spivey and H. V. Spivey, husband and wife, sold 438 acres to P. H. Bessire (Philbert Henry), except 4 acres conveyed by C. A. Spivey and W. E. Anderson  to M. E. South (Methodist Episcopal Church South). Vol. 42, page 587.
August 1, 1901  P. H. Bessire and wife Viola Bessire, sold to N. W. Burleson (Nathaniel Walker Burleson Jr.), 438 acres except for 4 acres conveyed to M. E. South by C. A. Spivey and W. E. Anderson. Vol. 73, page 392.

The oldest known grave is that of Woodson Hines Williams who died on May 18, 1858 at age 7 years old. He is buried next to his parents Robert K. (died Feb 27, 1862) and Mary J. (died Apr 25, 1871). The last burial was that of Archa G. Gibson, a veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, who died December 23, 1992, a U. S. Navy CPO.